View Full Version : RFQ Ball Screws Bearing Blocks

01-03-2012, 10:42 PM
Hey guys,

I am refurbing my older benchtop cnc mill and it needs some parts redone. I have existing ball screws that need the ends reworked. They need to be turned down on the ends with new bearing surfaces, threads and outer shaft diameters. I also need new bearing blocks made that are of a simple design with stand offs for the motor mounts. I can supply drawings in a few days when I am free to make them. Total number of pieces turned or milled are as follows. This is a direct drive design to keep it as simple as possible. I also am not rich so full shop rates are not what I can afford. I prefer someone in the USA with a one week turnaround so I can keep moving my project forward. You can see the link to my build in this forum.


For whomever gets the job and does good work at a reasonable rate I will have more custom and production work in the future. I need someone that can communicate well and does work in a timely manner.

Sample parts list:

3 ball screw ends reworked.

2 bearing blocks

8 motor standoffs

1 existing bearing block reworked larger bore

Material - 1018 CRS plate and rod. I will be black zinc electroplating in post.