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01-03-2012, 04:02 PM
I'm in need of help with my plasma cutter. I have a EZ Router CNC 4x8 Table, Thermal Dynamics A40 Plasma, and a EZR1000 THC (MP1000 re-branded)

A while back I lost function of my THC so I posted hoping to find some help. This is what I posted in the EZ Router Forums but I have gotten no help so far. I figure maybe its more of a Mach setting problem...

"So my table has been up and running well for the past few months, thanks to your guys help and specially the help from TerraWombat.

Recently though, I lost the use of my Torch Height Control. I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing the problem. I'm not a 100% sure but I believe it stopped working when I reinstalled Mach 3. So I have a feeling that I just lost a setting somewhere

Last night i printed out the Mach 3 Manual and went through it page by page with no fix. I took some screen shots of my settings and program run screen to see if hopefully someone can notice something wrong. From my understanding of how the THC works, I should see voltage stay about the same during a cut. because mine is inop, I see a change of about 50amps as the torch gap increase/decreases. To me this says that my sensor card is seeing the change and the computer is just not compensating and moving the z axis.

One thing I noticed is on my program run screen is "torch on/off" is not lit up. it is either off or if i click it, it blinks green. when its blinking and i run a program, the torch moves to the first pierce, fires, then doesn't move from those coordinates.

When running a program and watching the diagnosis screen, i get no lights on the "torch up" "torch down"

under config > milling options, I also tried "allow torch up/down control even in not in thc mode" and that made no difference either.

So at this point i'm not sure if im just missing a setting or if i have another problem. any help or ideas are appreciated."

01-06-2012, 06:29 PM
OK so I think I narrowed down my problem. but THC is still not fixed yet.

So i'm starting to understand how this machine works more and more by going through all the manuals, forms, and videos(Mach support). At this point i have been running a program that just cuts a 6 inch line to test all my inputs diag lights etc. i have my material on a slight angle to test the THC. What I have noticed is everything up to the MP1000 seems to be working correctly (signals from plasma to sensor card to MP1000. I get a light on the MP1000 for arc good and a light for torch up when it nears the ramp up in the material.
when in the diagnostic screen of Mach3 i do not get these lights. from my understanding, i think they should light up when they do on the MP1000. correct?

so at this port i think there is a problem with my port and pin settings.

The ezrouter table came with a setup cd that has a profile with what i would think would work with the MP1000 that was also provided from EZRouter. but when i look at the pinouts in the profile, compared to the MP1000 manual, I think there is a problem. I attached the manual and a list of the port/pin locations that were automatically loaded with the profile.

The MP1000 manual says:
THC on: port 2 pin 15
THC up: port 2 pin 12
THC down: port 2 pin 11

Mach Profile settings:
THC on: port 2 pin 8
THC up: port 2 pin 6
THC down: port 2 pin7

i have tried to change these settings but now change.

I also noticed that in the profile there are OEM trigs 13-15 that are assigned to port 2 pins 11,12, 15. Honestly i have no idea what a OEM trigger is and I figured it might interfere with the THC so i tried removing their pins. but still no THC.

So now I am unsure what to try and I am hoping someone can check my port pins and let me know what should be done.

01-11-2012, 12:01 PM
I'm not a 100% sure but I believe it stopped working when I reinstalled Mach 3. So I have a feeling that I just lost a setting somewhere
Have you looked for a backup of your settings in xmlbackups? Nothing's guaranteed but it's worth a look.

01-11-2012, 12:10 PM
Everything was wiped from the computer and the software was reinstalled so not backup files are present. Everything is fresh off the installation cd.

Could someone tell me what OEM TRIGs are and what their functions are?

I am not sure if they are interfering with my THC or not