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12-03-2011, 01:37 PM
Much of what I have been wanting to mill, have been restricted by the fact that I had no dust collection system, other than a small vacum cleaner. I have my setup in the basement together with all my rc-stuff and other hobby items. The fine dust makes a lot of mess, and is no good for the health:-(
Having read about the Bill Pentz cyclone (http://billpentz.com/woodworking/cyclone/index.cfm), I decided to make one of those.

I bought a cheap 750watt Chinese dust extraction fan, and used the Bill Pentz calculator to size the cyclone after the 4" inlet tube, and the 5" inlet to the fan.
The cyclone was made from a mix of 0.6 and 1mm stainless steel.
Some welds are fully welded, and others just nested and sealed with epoxy glue.
The stand was made from plywood, and a 30liter oil container acts as dust bin. Green paint let it fit in with most of my equipment.
A dust shoe was made from MDF, running 4" hose all the way.

This thing works amazingly well, even light foam particles are separated from the air, and goes into the bin. The noise is pleasant compared to the high pitch of the vacum cleaner.

Improvements to come:
-Replace plastic piece between fan and filter bag with something less restrictive, and angle it 90deg downwards.
-Make or buy a filter with greater flow.
-Control it from Mach3.


12-03-2011, 04:21 PM
Great stuff, I'm looking for ideas for a quiter vacuum system.
Cheers thanks for the post.

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