View Full Version : New Dust Shoe

11-11-2011, 10:40 AM
I made a new dust shoe for my WD-1. I am using a Shopvac since I can't afford a dust collection system yet. Not sure if I will need a real dust system now since the Shop-vac is working so well. The purpose of making the shoe was to move the vac hose closer to the spindle since the Shop-vac is high pressure low volume. I was spending a lot of time cleaning up and dust was getting everywhere. The new shoe is made from 1/2" Lexan bought on Ebay, brass strips I purchased at a local hobby store, clear vinyl from a used shower curtain, 3/4" zinc plated steel spacers with a 3/8" hole I purchased from McMaster Carr. I drilled and tapped the spacers to accept the 1/4" wing nuts. There are two rows of the vinyl with slits cut into them spaced 1" apart. The slits are staggered. It works amazingly well. Most of the dust in the pic is from when I ran the router for a couple minutes without turning on the vac. I cut my first lithophane in Corian and it looks pretty good. I practiced making litho's using PVC sheet first since it's pretty inexpensive.

Ken Dolph
11-11-2011, 11:41 AM
The dust shoe and the picture both look great.