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11-09-2011, 10:52 PM
So I posted about hooking up an indexer on my machine trying to find an output M code and the MFin signal.

Here is the deal. Bought an 1989 Kia KV40A with a Fanuc OM Control from an auction.

Got a stack of books with the machine, Fanuc Operators Manual, Electrical Diagrams, parts list, etc.

Well, here is the sucky part. The electrical diagram says OMC. I have a Fanuc OMC control. Nope, the Fanuc Operators Manual is an OMB, model tag on the machine is KV40A-OMB. Ooops, throughout the years, the electrical diagram must have gotten swapped with a different machine that was a OMC.

So I have an OMB control with no literature for the electronics.

Calling around to a current Hyndai Kia dealer, says they don't have literature on the machine, but if I can find the electrical diagram for this control they would freely give me direction how to hook up my indexer.

Called a dealer that used to sell Kia back in the day and another one that services them, no luck.

Called an independent CNC repair guy I know, he has no leads on an OMB control. Just OMC stuff.

FYI, the OMC electrical diagram doesn't match in a lot of areas.

So the end result is if I can find someone with a Kia KV40A-OMB that would be willing to share their electrical diagrams, I can get this ball rolling or...

I was asked by 2 of the service people if I can view the Ladder on the control. I said "Nope". They said I should ask around and see if it's something that can be turned on by a parameter.

Does anyone know anything about this control?

Should I try calling Fanuc, can they give any direction?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike in MN
(will post this thread in the Fanuc forum also)