View Full Version : Need Help! Calibration of Renishaw probe with Phillips Control (5axis milling MAHOC)

10-19-2011, 03:15 PM
Need Help!
I need Renishaw Probe calibration program for milling Maho with PHILLIPS control.
I have a MAHO manual , but it doesn't have examples for probe calibration, only examples how to measure.

10-27-2011, 09:49 AM
Now, I know approximately how to write calibration program ,
Calibration on Phillips control 532 is totally different than Fanuc.
G46 I1 J1 X1=6 F5 M26 :
where I1 J1 is inner circle of the ring
X1=6 is 6mm diameter probe ball
M26 is M-code for calibration (in conjunction with G46).
But that command line doesn't work with machine datum (G54-G59),
X,Y,Z,B and R of ring should be set up in machine constant (MC), there are four of them .
The problem is that I can't see three of necessary constants in machine constants list.
Weird , it's probably hidden somehow.

Phillips 532 is unique control and non of maintenance service guys know how to make it works.
No to much people with Phillips 532 experience .
Who knows how to set up Machine Constants that I can’t see in machine list.
Thanks in advance.