View Full Version : Machine Purchase DMG ecoline vs Hardinge vs Akira

09-18-2011, 04:37 PM
Hi Guys I am no just sitting in front of the specs of various machines.
I have narrowed it down to:
Hardinge GS line of machines.
DMG ecoline
Akira seiki

All linear guideway machines and all within a similar price bracket. Budget is a concern but at the same time I have to take credibility and service performance of suppliers into consideration. I am looking at getting a 4 axis Mill with a 1000mm X-travel, linear scales and 10000 rpm spindle.
The Lathes I am looking at will have 1m z travel and live tooling.
I do not have a preference in regard to the controller, Which will be either Fanuc, Siemens or Heidenhain. A big plus for the DMG is that they come with a Heidenhain without additional cost if you choose, whereas Hardinge charges big dollar for Heidenhain controls.

Any experience and opinions on the given machines would be greatly appreciated. In regards to service life rigidity and experienced advantages/disadvantages.
I will be cutting aluminium and 416 stainless mostly, but you will never know what comes through the shop door.
My own products ( silencers and rifle receivers) require turning and milling work. And I have been tempted to look at a multi-axis millturn like okuma and Mazak offer them to do it all in one go, but then I suppose that would exceed my budget, even though I would just buy one machine.
Next thing is that I can get stock machines in 4 weeks time, but glas scales for instance will add up to 4 month to the delivery time, and that would mean longer time without additional productivity. What is the common wisdom here? Get up and running fast, or rather sit and wait for the goodies that may or may not offer an advantage?
Any answers welcome......