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08-24-2011, 10:45 PM
Have some parts I need but don't have the skills to draw them., sorry.

2 parts, the first part is similar in concept to this but no threaded through hole:

Item # ADP-6, ADP Series (Threaded Aluminum Plugs For Flareless Tube And Hose Assemblies) on Daemar Inc. (http://catalog.daemar.com/item/-caplugs-by-product-type-plugs-threaded-adp-series/inum-plugs-for-flareless-tube-and-hose-assemblies-/adp-6?)

This part can also be knurled or like shown. The inside will be hollow with an enclosed end and with an ID of about 20mm. Total height of threads and knurled part is about 25mm.

The 2nd part is a threaded insert made out of the the thinnest appropriate materieal, that is about 1/2" to 3/4" long and the part above screws into.

I think the thread portion of both parts is about 7/8". The female threaded part will be pressed into a hollow plastic tube and the bottom cap will screw into it. Kind of like a flashlight in concept.

need 1k of each piece and then a similar but smaller diameter of the same project to follow.

Sorry for the vague description. Contact me if interested with an approximate cost(including design time) and time frame as I'm ready to go.

Thanks, Mark

09-24-2011, 02:29 PM
Dear Mark,

We shall be able to design & make this parts for you. Please contact us in the following ID if the requirement is still available.

We are an Indian company manufacturing plastic & aluminium plarts & moulding tools. Please visit our website, Untitled Document (http://www.sputnik-corp.com) for more details about us and our capabilities. Being in India, we shall be able to supply this parts at much lesser prices than our US counterparts.

Thanks & regards,

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