View Full Version : Need Help! DMU 70 Evolution

08-10-2011, 01:46 PM
Just had an odd problem... Machine off, door open, control on... Error code in control... Doing the normal F10 / Start button to turn machine on and clear error... Z axis drops! Not feed or rapid just drops... Hits the table off center but doesn't look to have done any damage? Now the problem is it will not power up at all and the Z axis is still down with an EXPENSIVE tool in it...
1. Does anyone know of this problem?
2. Can I release the tool without power on? Can't find that anywhere!
3. With the Z axis all of the way down is there a way to manually (again no power) move it back up???

Help please!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Sorry... I also did a number of searches with no luck, sorry if I missed something...