View Full Version : Overambition rethink advice [UK]

08-07-2011, 01:20 PM
I need some advice on where to go now.

I am now coming to realise that I may well have overreached myself. I have been collecting parts to make myself a cnc router however I now fear it will be beyond my abilities to complete such a project.

So far I have purchased the following items:

Linear rails and bearings (4x1350mm 2x300mm)
Ballscrews 16mm (2x1350mm and 1x300mm unturned ends)
Controller kit (3 stepper motors, 3 control units, 1 psu, 1 control board)
Aluminium Framework. (of the attached design)
Kress 1050
flexible couplings (6mm to 16mm)

all of which adds up to quite alot.

I realise now that maybe i got a bit carried away and so am considering downsizing and just getting something smaller which has been pre made and is actually a proper mill.