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09-13-2005, 11:26 PM
I need help with a problem on a cincinatti milacron arrow 750 with a acramatic 2100 control. Evey time i try to set the tool height off the top of a part. i get the same same number for any tool that i try to set. It always comes out 3.73031 no matter what length the tool is. At first i thought this might be in the tools file, but i have yet to find a answer. All of my experience up to now is with old fanuc controls so I am not very familar with this control and have had to learn everything the hard way. I have all of the manuals on this machine but haven't found anything useful in them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

09-14-2005, 09:11 AM

Normaly I set my tool hieght from a tram height tram need to be 5" tall. First the tram need to be set in MDI type T0M6 then touch the gauge line on the bottom of the spindle to the top of the tram go to the pendent and tools and set Z this set the tram.
Note: what ever you choice for tram (I use a small tool room vice on end) then this need to stay with the machine as to alow you to set the tools from the top of it.

Now for the tools seting : In MDI call up T01M6 after it loads the tool in the spindle then touch the tooll off of the top of the tram then go to the pendent and to the tool set same way you did the tram once this has bin done the off set on the tool page should change set all tools this way.

It is in my opion that seting tools from the top of the part on the 2100 does not work out, be sides what happens if you machine the top of the part and then have to install a new tool.

I hope this helps


09-14-2005, 09:12 PM
Thanks for the info. this helps out a lot. It's been hard to learn anything about this machine without someone around who has set it up before.i want to learn the virtual gibbs that's built in one of these days.

09-15-2005, 09:07 AM

glad to haved helped. I had forgot that Cinncinati had the gibs option, we never got turned on as I like Esprit much better than Gibbs. How long have you guys had the machine? and what drives does it have ? Cole (Bullet proof) Morgan or Seimens, I just thought I would ask, We have 2 with Cole Morgan drives and one with the Seimens drives. The Seimens drives seem to be less power hungry but if the lights flicker it shuts down unlike the Cole morgan drives.

O' does yours have the RAP at the bottom of the screen this will help you see the common comands formats (I.E., deep hole drill, bolt circle, rigid tap and so on) it beets having to dig out the book in most cases.

I think if you like PC, then you will eventualy come to love the 2100, the dange thing is almost to smart.

Good luck

09-15-2005, 05:06 PM
The company has had the machine since mid to late 97. It has seimens drives and the Rap.Used the rap only a few times to see what it did. i've setup and ran the mill only a few times for drilling cycles so far in the year that i've been there. I just wish it had the optional probe. thanks for the help.


09-15-2005, 05:23 PM
Viper we purchased the probe and have not even used as of yet at almost 4 years.
Are you wanting the probe for set up or for in machine measurements .
We have the tool probe for tooling set up in one machine and we do use it.

Did you get the tool length problem solved?