View Full Version : information on mm2001 parts needed

07-10-2011, 12:51 AM
There seems to be a lot of people out there with mm2001 boards. My problem is that there isn't a hole lot of information out there on the parts to make it. I am in the process of picking up parts and have found that the numbers given seem to be out of date. If you look up the parts they all have additional letter after them that signify different things for better or worse and I cannot find any information on the correct ones to choose! There isn't any information on the wattage on the typical resistors needed either. 1/8-10 watts are available with out much problem! I know r1-r8 seem to be determined by the steppers. On the picture in the documentation I do not even see the resistors for the steppers! Are they deleted? There is no picture showing the large capacitors! Some of the switches and connectors seem to be hard to find as they are not called out by part number and or voltage and amperage that they need to carry.
I see people are reading about these boards but nobody that has one or build one or knows about them is piping in on the subject. Anyone have any suggestions on the strongest steppers that this board will handle? How about any changes that could or have been made by people to make them better or able to handle better or stronger steppers?
I know somebody out there knows something that they could share with the rest of us about these boards.
Any help will be greatly appreciated by myself and many others that don't want to ask but really could also use the help.
Thanks in advance to any help at all.