View Full Version : pcb for mm2001

07-04-2011, 06:33 PM
Has anyone produced the pcb for the mm2001 board for purchase? Have any of you done these at home? I want to build this board but I have not etched a board before and I know it will cost more for the chemicals then the board is worth. Any help on how you did it and difficulties you had, so that I might not make the same mistake or have the same problem, will be appreciated. What was the total cost of parts for the board and where did you get them? What changes did you make? I am new to this but want to make the board myself rather then buy one. I have seen some of the Chinese boards and everyone has had some problem with them. There are local boards, but they have no heat control for a wire if I use it on a foam cutter, and you can't read about them as the forums are closed unless you buy upfront! Is there a forum where people are using and building these boards that I could read?
Thanks for any help any of you can supply.