View Full Version : Newbie need some help....

country kid
05-27-2011, 08:09 AM
hey guys... call me naive
im new and researching, looking to use dual vee rail on either side and make a mechanism to control the height iv nearly got it all sorted until i get to the electronics :drowning: ..... i want to be able to fit a spindle to the same machine for nothing more than engraving, some light wood work and etching metal... will v-rails still be ok for this light spindle use? or do i need to go heavier.... or iv seen in a few places people have used flat bar with a bearing either side? is this accurate?
i was looking at using this electrics kit
i planned on using R&P on all axis for its simplicity and ease... get that from hubbard CNC
any one have ideas for the gantry? i cant sort that bit out need some suggestions?
cheers guys