View Full Version : Need Help! Post for Boss 10

05-04-2011, 10:26 PM
Hi everyone,
Doing contract work for a company who has a new Britain Machine-Controller SC-M4000. Older control which I'm told is close to a Bridgeport Boss 10 control. I use Surfcam Velocity 4;the only thing I see as a generic post is a Boss 4,5,8 in the postm section. Can anyone assist.

This is just a sample of a canned cycle---confusing !!

The format for entering a G72 Mill Rectangular Pocket:

G72 D___ X___ Y___ X___ Y___ Z___ Z___ Z___ R___ P___ P___ P___ F___ F___ F___

The format for entering a G83 Peck Drill 1 Hole:
G83 X___Y___Z___Z___ Z___F___