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04-17-2011, 08:32 AM
Hello Madcam users,

i am relative new in MadCam, and just did some simple stuff.
Now i got the problem with a 3D Modell, which i would mill like this:
1- 6mm Cutter - 3D Roughing
2- 2mm Cutter - 3D Z-Level Finishing
3- 2mm Cutter - 3D Planar Finishing

my problem is, that there is so much material left, after the first two steps,
that my cutter will break - or did...:(

So like you can see on the attached picture, i tried it with short cutting lenght of the tool, and thought that madcam will split the height to this value.
As example - Step3 - 3D Planar Finishing - I took the 2mm cutter with a cutting lenght of 0.2mm so madcam should do 0.2mm steps in Z-Level?

Am i doing something wrong, do i have to choose some other strategie?
Thanks for your help.

Dan B
04-17-2011, 11:21 AM
You didn't mention the material, but regardless, I would discourage finishing with such a tiny cutter. Even stepping up to a ├ś3mm cutter will make a huge difference, but in my opinion, I would suggest using a larger cutter to finish, and save the tiny cutters for re-machining.

As for setting the step-down for z-level finishing, adjusting the cutter length will have no effect. You need to set that on the page that appears when you select the Z-level finishing path. Please take a look at the screen shot.

Hope this helps,