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04-12-2011, 08:05 PM
Cost matters. The end goal is for interior church signage.

Our goal is to have these letters finalized in a silver metal-looking finish - we are willing to paint and finish wood if metal is too expensive. They will be mounted straight to a painted wall. These should be smooth-cut letters with nice edges.

I can supply an Adobe Illustrator eps or ai file with fonts as vector if that helps. The font is Frutiger Bold 65, but I can typeset it all if that helps.

Letters needed for the following words (upper lower case as indicated; height of capital letter is indicated)

All letters cut from 1/2" thick stock:

Welcome Stand (7"cap. letter)
Resource Center (8" cap. letter)
Sanctuary (7"cap. letter)
Event Registration (7" cap letter)
Fair Trade (4" cap. letter)
Coffee (6" cap letter)

Please help us by:

Please estimate wood, metal, or acrylic, or all three if you are able
Please give us a good accurate estimate of turn-around time. We need these by the 22nd of this month at the latest.
Please figure on providing the materials from your own sources. We understand it may not be possible to accurately estimate material cost, but we expect a solid ballpark number
Midwest cutters preferred. We are located in Indiana.
Time is short (only 10 days), so I'll leave this RFQ open for about 5 days.

If this is the wrong forum, please redirect me to the correct one.

Please respond to me here via email in case the PM limit here is too small. My gmail account name is "robotor" - you can figure out what my gmail email address is from there.

05-14-2012, 07:43 AM
Dear Sir \ Ms :

How are you ??? ,,, We saw your laser cutting machines on your website ,, we like them ,, so we want you to quote us with these machines as soon as possible ,,

machine cutting metals ( carbon stainless , stainless steel , aluminium , copper , etc ) , and acrylic , with 2mm thickness cutting , 1.5m - 3m working space .

CO2 , YAG , Fibar laser cutting .

looking forward to hear from you as soon and possible as you can ,,,,,,


Heba AL-Ja'areem
General Manager

Fahmawi For Copper Manufacturing
AL-Awda Building , King Hussien St.
AL-Abdali , Amman , Jordan
Telefax: 0096264619899
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Email: fahmawi.copper2012@hotmail.com