View Full Version : RFQ - 3 engrave strategies on a concave surface -----CLOSED - FULFILLED-----

04-07-2011, 09:43 AM

Hello to all community,

I would like to get a quote for 3 engraves strategies on a concave surface.
Im from Portugal and i am an "hobbiest" with a CNC machine with 3 axis, but i only have some knowledge with 2D software (like Cut2D), and as far as i know to do this kind of engrave on a concave surface i need a CAM software, but unfortunaly i dont know how to work with this kind of complex softwares.

So i would like to know if there is someone interested in generate those 3 strategies for Mach3 for a fair price? :)
If there is anyone interested please send an e-mail to: engonga77@sapo.pt

To keep it simple i leave bellow the main topics and an image to illustrate what i need.

» Engrave in a concave surface
» 3 Strategies (all equal, only the depth value change)
» 3 Depths (0.2mm / 0.5mm / 0.7mm)
» Tool: V-Type (10ºx0.1mm)
» Export code to "Mach3" or "Fanuc6" (compatible with Mach3)
» Engrave logo in vector file (illustrator or DXF)
» Material: veneer sheet (size: 41x10mm)
» Payment: Paypal or other...


Any doubt, just ask!
Thanks for the attention,