View Full Version : I need a simple mold /rubber comp/liquid silicone

02-20-2011, 06:32 PM
I need a mold made,I am considering liquid silicone. Rubber injection, or transfer.If you are plant make sure to read the bottom.
I invented a locking oil plug for harley davidson style oil bags,Got the patent last year.Then I lost my job,moved back to florida. then I had quality lock problems,desighn issues( trying to cam 10 pounds of crap in a five lb bag) Got it all straitened out.
I dont have a lot of capital,I do have a referance from a guy that built me a mold about 5 years back for a product that didnt due real well because of the lack of coinstuction, but I did pay him as planned.He is so busy at work he doesnt have time.
I found a small diy injection machine on you tube for lquid silicon,and some product specs from Dow.O ring material for high pressure gas line,60 duromiter, should be good.
I also have a rubber supplier that will sell me sheets of premixed rubber oil and gas resistance up to 450F.They ship the rubber,does not need refriderated,and cooks at 375 F.60 duromiter.
I have a small shop and can Build a press,or rubber injector If I had some advice,or the liquid silicone injector,I would rather go with rubber.
But I need parts asap. Harley sells near as I can see about 90,000 bikes a year that this size locking plugs will fit. You will get paid,small mold,big mold,parts ect. Email me a dan@lockingoilplug.com, I'll send you the pitch,Thanks,Dan

02-21-2011, 12:33 AM
What's the patent number? That will help with quoting and suggestions on mold type.