View Full Version : THC not going down and other problems

02-17-2011, 03:37 PM
first here is what i did:

I assigned hot keys to the "torch on", "torch up" and "torch down"

I did this because I'm using a plc to tell mach to adjust the thc.

When a program is not running and I'm in jog mode, the thc will go up but will only go down to the previous position that the z axis was jogged to.

When cutting, the thc up on works, wont go down at all.

i have gone through all the settings and cant seem to find a setting to keep this happing.

Also i keep seeing people talk about settings on thc in mach but the only settings I'm seeing is on "pins/inputs" page and on the settings page where i can turn on the thc, and a button that has thc voltage but comes up with a blank window. What am i missing?

Thanks for any help