View Full Version : fanuc ot-c alarm 950 fuse break

07-23-2005, 01:05 AM
Fanuc OT-C alarm 950 fuse break
Can anyone help ?

we have a wncl 20 femco with fanuc otc controler we are getting alarm 950 fuse break fx +24E
I looked in the fanuc O series maintenance manual it dosen't say much other than to replace fuse in power supply i wish it was that easy all fuses are good. when we flip on the main breaker at the machine the hydralic pump comes on fans work spindal board lights up everthing normal turn on at controller screen blank for about 15 sec. hear some relays come on then controler locks with alarm 950.
Power supply and mb both have green lights on i have even replaced P S with no luck, :confused: :confused: have even called femco and fanuc not much help there dose anyone have any suggestions? ANYTHING