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01-21-2011, 08:38 AM
As mentioned elsewhere on this forum the Baldor NC program leaves a lot to be desired. It has no undo function or cad like functions for editing. It seems like I start over a lot with a new dxf. Plus using the MintNC program it seems to want to reorder things on its own.

We have a plasma cutter that is run by a Baldor Nextmove ESB. Most of the production stuff is just circles and squares. Since it has an interpreter built in, I have a full blown programming language available to figure out the circles and squares using geometry and trig to generate the point coordinates instead of drawing every circle or square and going through the MintNC conversion program. My circle program seems to work OK, but I can't get it to go around the squares smoothly. It wants to klunk through the corners even when I add a small fillet to try and smooth things out.
What is disconcerting about this is that it seems to be working OK in MintNC generated cutting programs - which I am trying to mimic.

Does anyone have any experience in this kind of move? I could use some help.

I don't think the person before me understood that the controller could do the math on it's own, so used the MintNC to generate the circles and squares. I need to add 80 or more parts now and this seems to me the better way since once the controller is doing the geometry on it's own I can add a new part any time given a center point and distance.
I can post some code here if some one has the time to look at it.
At the top of my main loop is:
CONTOURMODE [0,1,2] = 1, 1, 1
FEEDRATEMODE [0,1,2] = 7, 7, 7

I am plasma cutting sheet metal so I need to move along at a good clip so the metal cuts cleanly and does not distort from too much heat.

03-14-2014, 11:12 AM
I do not have much knowledge about Baldor motion control products/software. Since they were acquired by ABB couple of years ago quality of their customer service has gone down for motors. Baldor is still probably the best motor manufacturer in the world.

Baldor AC Motors Distributors (http://www.ctiautomation.net/Baldor-AC-Motors.htm)