View Full Version : Need Help! Which way is correct to rough out a raw material?

12-31-2010, 07:22 PM
Hey Guys!

My "M-D" engineer said, there is no one know how to do CNC in this world, there is only five people, which included him.

Therefore, I wonder, does anybody know which way to rough out a raw material so you can make an open slot? Does it matter what kind of material we use?

Lets say if you must open a slot with 0.500" in diameter or radius, you can not mill or rough from a "fixed jaw" to a "loose jaw". Yeap! You heard me right. "Loose Jaw". Not a moving jaw. In other words is that you can not mill or rough from Y+ to Y- jaw before you make a final cut with G41 cutter comp and G03 to finish it.

Ok, that is the Y+ to Y- direction. How about if you mill or rough in X direction?

There is no fixed jaw or "Loose jaw" in both end X+ and X-. Which way do you have to mill, or can you go back and fore before you use G41 cutter comp with G03 to finish it?

Does anybody know which way is correct and the fastest?


01-11-2011, 01:16 AM
Sounds like your M D eng is a Dork... Like most Drawing engineers, they dont know how to actually machine Crap. They know how to make pretty pictures, that might work in the real world.. Sounds harsh but to your question... You can rough anyway you want, If you could not then making parts would get real difficult. I practice is profile cut CW and inner circles or pockets CCW. I will mill out the part dam near to size then take a few thou finish pass. As for the what size end mill to use that depends on how rigid your machine is.. I run .5" carbide all day long for the parts we make and swap to smaller when there is dimensioning or inside radius that call for smaller.
Oh and no realy dont want to just run back and forth....