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plain ol Bill
12-27-2010, 06:25 PM
Not paying attention today and had zeroed the gantry in a ways down the table to move an item over where I wanted it. Got it cut right on the money. Moved that sheet off and put a new one on the table and started the Gcode - next thing I knew the gantry had run past the home switches, banged into the stops welded on the end of the gantry tracks (thank goodness they were there or the gantry would have ended up on the other end of the shop). Drives making the hard lost steps ginding sounds on the racks - finally found the big red button and hit it!!

I took about an hour to rezero everything back in and check it all out again. Note to self: Engage brain before engaging the RUN button dummy!(chair)

All is well again.

Another note: my table is built to handle 5x10 sheets. I generally use 4x8 but did get some 5x10 20ga. galvanized sheets for a project I'm making. Hmmmmm - the torch won't reach the edge of the plate. I woulda swore it did the last time I cut a 5x10 sheet - what the heck is going on anyway???? I was making straight cuts across the sheets so I just cut what I could and zip wheeled the rest of the cut. After I was done with that it dawned on me that I had moved the torch over a couple of inches to make room for the scribe/engraver when I mounted it. So next time I cut a big sheet I need to move the torch back where it was. Nothing wrong here - just one of those dumber than a box of rocks days.

Keep on cuttin guys ------------

12-28-2010, 03:03 PM
Bad Luck Bill,
Hope it all worked out in the end, out of interest what control software are you using, is there not a program zero which is seperate from the machine zero.