View Full Version : Hyundai Kia SKT21L turret problem

12-03-2010, 05:31 AM

I have recently purchased a SKT21L (used -07).
Control system is Fanuc 21i-TB.
A backup battery for absolute encoder for turret servo was dead.
After change of battery there is alarm #2062.

Problem is that i did not get the correct manuals with the machine.
I have the Fanuc manuals but not the manufacturer manuals.
According to Fanuc servo drive manual B-65395 the error displayed on the LEDs on servo unit is alarm number 319.
Description from Fanuc manual:
"When the absolute pulse coder is used, the motor has not yet rotated through more than one turn after the first power-up"
"Cause the motor to rotate through more than one turn in jog feed mode,
then turn the power off then back on."

Do you have any tricks to get the turret jog started?
I´ve tried to jog it but i am not sure if i use the right key combinations.
Any help appreciated!

12-13-2010, 12:00 PM
Change keep relay #K5.0 to "1"
Simultaneously press 'Spindle select' & 'Spindle stop' & 'Feed hold'
Now turret will get unclamped. Rotate the disc by hand. Match the markings (there will be markings on the moving & non moving parts)
Press 'Call buzzer OFF' button.
Simultaneously press 'Mode select' & 'Spindle stop' & 'Feed hold'
Change Keep relay #K5.0 to '0'
Reset. Finish.