View Full Version : I bought a J325 , monitor info

12-02-2010, 02:42 PM
Hello all,
I recently bought an old J325 with a Dynapath Delta 20 controller in need of repair. The monitor was not working so I pulled the assembly out of the controller and noticed a label with a date "June 2003". Since mine was made in 1990, this looks to have been replaced. The label had the name of the manufacturer "z-axis inc" so I found them on the web and called them up. I gave them the model number and they instantly knew all about it. I sent it back to them for repair and the whole cost is around $250 for a new crt and the replacement of some bad electronics. When they tested it, the crt itself was working, but it had screen burn so I had them replace it.

Just thought I'd pass along the info in case anyone else needs a monitor. Their website is Z-AXIS electronics design and contract manufacturing - home (http://www.zaxis.net) and they are in Phelps, NY. Nice people too ;)