View Full Version : FS: Complete, Running R&P 4x4

11-11-2010, 10:10 PM
Machine is located in Lumberport, WV and I am asking $6500 for all of the below options.

This machine runs very solid, and is in perfect running condition.

Comes with computer, CNC Machine, already configured Mach 3 Control Software, and controller.

The machine runs on a HobbyCNC board, and currently the rapids are set at 500 ipm on the X and 750 ipm on the Y/A. With a different controller, you could easily push this machine into the 1500ipm range.

I have the limit switches mounted, but I do not have any of the wiring hooked up at the present. I do have the pins exposed on the back of the controller for them.
It currently has the Hitachi M12VC router on it
The machine has been running for over 2 years now, probably has about 1300 hours on the controller and motors. I am not aware of any defects with the machine at the current moment, but there are definite improvements that could be made with all of the new mods that have come out.

It is currently sitting on a torsion box table that is around 6" thick with QSRO wrapping the whole table and base. The machine weighs about 1300 pounds.

There will be no design software included with the purchase, however I will be more than glad to show you around Vectric Aspire software that I use for design work.




More pictures and videos can be found at 33 Degrees East WW - Home (http://33degreeseastww.com)