View Full Version : Knee Gas Spring Rating

11-02-2010, 07:47 AM
My Kondia FV-1 has 3-axis CNC added by a previous owner.
I am currently re-commissioning and checking carefully as I go.

The knee has two gas springs.
When removed from the mill, one gas spring could just be moved by a 100 kg friend (my 68 kg did nothing).
Say the knee rating is 80 kg each = 160 kg total.

What is a good 'rule-of-thumb' load rating on an original knee ACME leadscrew when running CNC?
I need to minimise the load on the leadscrew to maximise life, but keep it sufficient to provide stablility during machining.

I will frequently be running the mill with light parts clamped directly to the table.
Should I increase the knee gas spring rating a bit, or leave at 160 kg ?