View Full Version : How I built my Bearing Slides

10-31-2010, 08:45 PM
I used a mitre saw, angle grinder with a cutoff wheel, 1/16 drill bit, 5/16 drillbit, 5/16 drill bit with point(the ones for wood), safety glasses, thick finishing nail(instead of center punch).

I used the tools i have, Im without a drill press but wish I had one for thisproject.

I read this gentlemen's post and used the pointed bit but not to drill with. I used it as a scribe to scratch a groove into the aluminum. A nice scratch provides a nice place for the finishing nail to rest when you puch your mark.
I rough cut with the angel grinder, cleaned up the ends on the mitre saw (just a 1/2 a hair), created the notch with the mitre saw creating a small notch then sliding without lowering the saw any more. drilled a pilot hole with the 1/16 drill bit then finished with the 5/16.


Just my two cents.