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10-22-2010, 09:51 AM
Hi there! I am a complete newbie in the cnc world. I am just about to build my very first CNC milling machine. It's going to start off being a 3 axis machine, and eventually I will add a fourth axis to it.
I am making out of MDF, and my design is inspired by many of the designs found on the internet.
I am having a hard time putting it together as making some of the pieces by hand is quite time consuming and not always very accurate. Nevertheless, I am going to get it working, sooner or later, and when it does, I will remake the hand made parts with precise ones made with the machine.
This is a very interesting project for the DIYer because it enables you to make just about anything you want.
At the moment, I am going to use EMC2 which seems to work great. In fact, I prefer it to Mach3 (just an opinion).
I am using Gcam to generate gcode. Very simple, but effective. It's curious that, in spite of being a win32 application, it doesn't work on my Windows machines, but does under Wine!!
I am also messing a bit with Pycam. Looks very promising, but it seems to be soooooo slow. I still haven't managed to get any Gcode from it yet....I am starting to wonder if it really works! Does anybody know if Pycam works?
Hope this forum gets crowded with people. :wee: