View Full Version : Need Help! hedrolic problem in maho 600e

09-29-2010, 04:32 PM
I'm in Algeria sarl mecanin I have a machine Maho MH 600 E / 432 CNC, that you have already repaired in France are serial number is: 636073. Yesterday I had the following problem:
* The machine was stopped during machining, the error affuchon * O5 (interrupt message backup).
* I set the machine off and then I reset the machine. I cleared the toolholder head and I said the machining cycle, after some minutes it did the same thing, switch the pump lubrication jumps
The machine stops and displays the same error * O5 /
* Now if I may start the machine, I press the button "WATER MARKET", I continued down and erase the error signals indicated by pressing the CLEAR button.
dice that I remove her hand, she displays the same error * O5.
* Note: if I continued pressing "HYDRAULIC POWER" button and I press "CLEAR" and at the same time someone exit the circuit breaker for pump lubrication and maintenance down the error appeared no more
because when pressing "HUDRAU & CLEAR" unable to run the circuit breaker.
* After checking an electric circuit, our technician we adit as map No. 8 (enter card out 24V) is not out to drive the 24V relay that feeds the coil circuit.
That Wed cough I know about this outage.
* What can you advise me. If the card is No. 8 must be changed, is I will have little
We await your advice please accept my sincere greetings.

12-05-2010, 12:57 PM

Did you solve your problem? I might have a similiar on a MH800 and I am interested if you have a solution.