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09-24-2010, 04:08 PM
I'm in the process deciding what brand CNC plasma to buy, For some reason, I'm leaning towards Dynatorch. Any suggestions?....really appreciate the help I can get

09-24-2010, 11:50 PM

Their are many reasons that Dynatorch stands above the other machines in their class. Here are 10 I think are very important.

1. Un like their competitors all Dynatorch machines come standard with precision gear boxes and servo motors.

2. Excellent tech support available 7 days a week

3. Dynatorch has excellent software and unlike their competitors Dynatorch writes their own software. They are constantly adding new features, many of which were requested by Dynatorch customers.

4. Dynatorch constantly improves their machines.

5. Dynatorch has an array of accessories that are available for their machines. Many of the Dynatorch inovations have been copied by other competitors.

6. Dynatorch offers training classes for their machines and software at their headquarters in Kentucky.

7. Unlike other competitors in their class Dynatorch offers their own down draft air table to control smoke and fumes.

8. Dynatorch machines can be controlled with a wireless joystick control.

9. Dynatorch machines can use 3 methods of initial torch height sensing, Ohmic contact, Dash (no touch) or stall force sensing.

10. Excellent pricing and warranty.

I have been a Dynatorch customer since 2005 and found them to be an excellent company.


09-25-2010, 12:17 AM
thanks for your input magma-joe.....the machine will be shipped to Costa Rica and it is very important for me that they have good tech support. I talked to a fellow by the name of "Wiley".....and he made me feel very good about their product. Quick comment.....torchmate, on the other hand, are probably selling lots of machines or they need to send their sales folks to some kind of intensive "customer relations" training center!

Thanks again for your help magma-joe....will sure let you know what happens!

09-25-2010, 10:26 PM
What will you do with a CNC cutter? That will be an important factor. I would like to add a few things to magma-joes list (I agree with all 10):

11. DT's Oxy/fuel screen/software is awesome. Build your own table to hold plate of any thickness you might cut, up to 12", I have cut 4" with ours.
12. The we-cim nesting software is very efficient. Nests are a breeze.

13. Initial set-up is done on the phone by one of the owners, he can do this blindfolded.

To follow up with magma-joe's 1 thru 10, They really will add features that you need. Mike had a update ready for me in just a few emails back and forth. It worked. I use the new features often.

Being in Costa rica, it will be important that everything works. DT will send you a video of your machine cutting at there shop before shipping if you ask.


09-25-2010, 11:08 PM
Thanks for the help I'm getting from you fellows....WSS and magma-joe....WSS....we will be cutting mainly aluminum (1/4" tops) and stainless (24-16 ga.). Most of these parts are for the local auto and motorcycle racing folks. One of my biggest concerns is equipment reliability...the machine will be moved to Costa Rica and it is not easy or cheap to get parts "overnight" ....also, I have been considering Dyna for their gantry product....I hate to pay lots of money on freight and taxes (60% on new equipment!) for a bunch a metal. I have good welding experience and building the table should not be an issue (Dynatorch will supply prints).
Again...thanks to both.....
Quick comment....a friend suggested e-bay-craiglist....and we found a Tracker machine they claim is in good shape but needs software...any comments......


09-26-2010, 12:24 AM

A used machine comes with ZERO support. I can guarantee you that with any CNC machine at some point you will need support. You will need support the first time you turn it on. And in the years to follow you will need tech support at one point or another.

I have more than one cnc machine so I have had experience with tech support. Take my advice, a CNC machine without tech support can instantly become a worthless piece of junk when it quits working and YOU the operator can not solve the problem. Being in Costa Rica, this could be a real problem.

Leon Drake who designs the Dynatorch tables is the last link in the tech support chain at Dynatorch. When your tech support question can not be answered at Dynatorch headquarters they will refer you to Leon. Who better to help you solve your problem than the person who designed the machine? I have called Leon in the past and something that stops me dead in my tracks he solves in less than a minute.

When you have a software tech support question that can not be answered by the crew at Dynatorch headquarters you will be refered to Mike Clem who is the software designer at Dynatorch. Once again, who better to help you solve your problem than the software designer?

Dynatorch provides lifetime free tech support. This provides piece of mind when making such a large purchase. Making a great machine is one thing, but providing after sale support is even more important.

I have probably had more contact with them than most customers. I purchased my first Dynatorch table in 2005 and in 2009 I decided to upgrade / update my machine with the newest Dynatorch inovations.

They were very helpful and provided all the parts and information I needed to make the upgrade. Without their tech support I would'nt have been able to do it.

If you are interested you can see the build here.


09-26-2010, 02:35 PM
If you had to put a $$ value on support, I would say lifetime support is worth 75-100% of the value. Meaning, if you spend 20K on a machine that type of support is worth 15-20K itself.