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08-25-2010, 02:33 PM
Everything is operating what I thought was great, I have been cutting only thin aluminum. Yesterday I was trying to cut 3/8" steel plate. I am using the basic Hypertherm PM45 w/ machine Torch manual recommendations, for pierce height & feedrate etc. I practiced my cut by making a simple 1.25" circles, after I got the test looking good I moved onto my more elaborate part. I was unsuccessful in getting even a single piece cut out 100% complete. One piece got to the last 6" of completion, kept running BUT the torch stopped cutting all the way through the plate.

I have noticed:
the torch diving into the metal
a molten like weld (not cutting all the way through)
splatter on the shield of the torch

The attached pic is a basic example of what a couple of the cuts looked like.

I am hoping someone can help me by looking at my Mach3 Cut Profile settings (these were inputted when I was initially setting up so there could be some major errors) Is there anyone using a PowerMax 45 with Machine Torch that would share your successful profiles/help me in setting up my Cut Profiles in Mach3?

Tip Volt Preset 120
THC Delay 1
Tip Saver % 2 What is a good starting point?
Arc OK Current 100 What is a good starting point?
Cut Current 45
Span Gap 4
Upper Fault Limit 200
Lower Fault Limit 50
Current Tolerance % 100 What is a good starting point?

I will be starting the next cutting attempts with a new nozzle and electrode.

Thanks in advance for any and all info

08-27-2010, 06:46 AM
you're using THC, still torch diving happened?

the workpiece warps, and the cutting speed is too fast for THC, I think.