View Full Version : NASA gear bearing by mister Vranish

06-01-2005, 09:25 AM
I've been reading this interesting story about a backlash free "gear bearing" the story can be found at http://www.memagazine.org/backissues/aug02/features/startnew/startnew.html I do understand the good parts of the bearing and gear combination. But at the point of the phase tuning I lost track. It’s supposed to be a sort of planetary gear capable of a reduction of 325 to 1 in a single stage. The following part introduces a backlash free drive. Since I don’t understand all of the parts involved I can’t make an image in my head so I don’t understand. Can someone explain how the backlash free drive and the phase tuning parts work? I’m no mechanical engineer and I might need some sketches to understand what he says. But I think this might bee an interesting device to make and use in our CNC hobbies.

thanks in advance to explaine the working of this device to a noob like me!

07-28-2005, 02:28 PM
It sounds like he is using the helical gears kind of like a wedge. The spring washers push the gears apart and deeper into each gear.
I dont know how this type of gearbox could be made by the home hobbiest. I think that it would take a great deal of accuracy, but if anyone would like to try i would be interrested in seeing the end result. :wave: