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05-19-2005, 08:59 PM
Hello once again. I have set my eye on a 2027 cnc taig mill with 4 axis controller but I am now looking for software for it.

I plan on using mach2 because it looks great and I don't mind the price. Now some questions I have...I have access to autocad and 3dstudiomax(outputs dxf/dxg) and was wondering if CAM software was nessesary. Other than making toolpaths and stuff like that do people actually design stuff in their cam software? Can you get away without using cam software? I'm going to need to design some 3d parts.

Generic newbie questions I know. Sorry.

05-19-2005, 11:07 PM
Hey jl123,

Congrats on the mill!!! I have a lot of information that might be of help to you on my website...it is based around the Sherline mill and "what I looked for but never found as a beginner." Fom a comparison point of view it would be good (Taig/Sherline) www.cuttingedgecnc.com

You can use your autocad or 3D studiomax to make a drawing of what you want. You will need a CAM program to convert that drawing into code that Mach 2 will read. I don't know of many CAM program that you can really edit your drawing or draw in. Here is a list of programs from my site: http://cuttingedgecnc.com/programs.htm

check them over and download the demos.

Congrats again!