View Full Version : Machining styrene (Evergreen)

05-25-2010, 04:03 PM
I'm looking for advice and information regarding the machining of styrene plastic- specifically Evergreen brand (found in hobby shops.)

Recently I cut a detailed shape in .02 thick BLACK styrene using a Feed rate of 10 inches per minute, a .031, four flute at 15000 RPM , .0125 depth. Good results. (And you're saying so what's the question?)

Then using the same settings but Evergreen WHITE styrene the material seeming generated too much heat and started melting.

First, has anyone had success cutting Evergreen WHITE sheet goods? What setting or bits?

Has anyone cutting plastics found a "chart" for various types and thicknesses etc.

BTW, why not just cut BLACK? Evergreen also makes "specialty shapes/profiles" that I'd like to machine.