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03-26-2010, 11:55 PM
Hi, Any ideas on AL-35 (HYD. MOTOR OVERLOAD) My KIA KT15 lathe (Yasnac LX3 control) was running great till hyd. motor pump started groaning alittle when cycling the chuck...... then up pops the AL-35 alarm..... probably shelled the pump? Why? Lack of oil? No. Lack of cooling??? Hyd. motor has cooling fan which pulls air over an oil cooler in the back part of the motor.... Is the motor thermally protected?

03-27-2010, 09:35 AM
The pump has tripped an overload. It is likely that the pump or motor is gone. To check, disconnect the wires at the pump. (Note ) If wires are unmarked, be sure to tag them so it will run in the right direction. reset the overload in the control cabinet
The last I knew, the price for a new unit is pretty high from Hyundai-Kia.
You should be able to match a new pump or motor, maybe Grainger. By the way if it is the pump, they almost never fail except with dirty/coolant or run dry.
Another thought, if the hydraulic moter was noisy,rattling you may have a worn shaft.

03-27-2010, 09:36 AM
By the where are you located. I am in Florida and do service for various machines. I was trained at Kia.

03-27-2010, 11:41 AM
I'm in Arizona. Bought the machine from Premier in Florida. Its been a great little machine with the only other problem being wiring from the control to the chuck open / close valve. I just wired a switch to bypass the problem for now.

04-07-2010, 04:12 PM
Rule #101

Check input voltage....

Main disconnect on back of machine was bad so the 'high leg' was dropping down to 158 volts from 240....