View Full Version : My Retro Sign Made with a CNC Engraver

03-25-2010, 02:00 PM
Here is a sign I made with a CNC Engraver (http://www.visionengravers.com).
The circle images is removable so you can change out the
images to what ever you want to promote.
I do however wish I made the Arrow circle back ground in
a contrasting color to have it stand out more.

Here are some photos below.

Here is the printed version

Engraving out the Name. Here you can see I've already done the
Arrow circle Retro background.

Engraving and cutting out the other elements of the sign.

Here is the End Product.. Sign complete.

I used a Vision Engraving and Routing Systems (http://www.visionengravers.com)
1624 Engraver (http://www.visionengravers.com/products/1624-engraving-machine.html) to make this sign. If anyone was wondering.