View Full Version : Solidcam 2008 Arc post problem

03-03-2010, 05:33 PM
I'm having an issue with posts on parts with non tangent radii, for
example a cube with rounded, but non tangent corners or round shapes
with a small flat on one side. When I post such parts, my Gcode shows
three arcs instead of one. The three arcs approximate the correct
single arc, but are quite visible. If I add even a tiny, say 0.005"
fillet to the Solidworks model, before and after the non tangent arc, the problem goes away.
The post works fine on shapes with tangent arcs or full circles.
The machine, (an old Hurco), uses absolute arc parameters and I and J
coding. Pretty new to Solidcam and G code so this is a mystery to
me....Probably something wrong with my .gpp but I don't know what.