View Full Version : Need Help! maho mh1000c error

02-25-2010, 12:27 AM
hello people i am having some trouble with my maho mh1000c machine witha a phillips 432 control

i am getting two error messages come up that i have never had before they are:
1. I42, NC start although swivel milling cycle has not been completed
2. I84 Milling head indexing not closed

these errors have come up after i have set the transmission to S0 to allow ease turning of the spindle then have toggled between the horizontal and vertical heads and now when i try to start the spindle it throws up the I42.

and when i change between the vertical and horizontal heads ith throws up the I84.

Its like the gearing isnt changing to the spindle head which has been asked for

anyone have any ideas to help me out?
any help would be great