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  1. PlanetCNC is on CNCZONE!!
  2. I Use Planet CNC and it Works Great!
  3. TNG setup
  4. TNG to old program
  5. New to CNC, having scaling issue from Inkscape, to Makercam, to CNCUSB Controller App
  6. Measure
  7. MK3/4 SD card connections.
  8. Losing USB Connection (Win10)
  9. Problems with Zaxis. MK3
  10. Problems with jogging. MK3
  11. Mk3 output board not working?
  12. Chinese 3020T board pin out
  13. Problem with warp function on mk2/9 board
  14. Probing/digitising
  15. Proma THC SD.
  16. Problems with Emergency Stop/Stop function.
  17. Arc Ok.
  18. Chinees CNC3020 upgraded with Planet-CNC software and electronics
  19. PlanetCNC DIY Controllers and TNG
  20. MK1 software not responding
  21. Offsets, what am I not getting? aaaaaaaah
  22. problem making pcb with mk II
  23. Post Processor for Fusion360 for Planet-CNC Plasma
  24. Homing questions about IO and sequence in the CNCUSB software
  25. Jogging keyboard with potentiometer question
  26. Spindle synchronisation with PlanetCNC TNG
  27. Floating Z axis head with PlanetCNC TNG [3D print files included]
  28. MK3/4 power supply limit ?
  29. 2 Hardware Questions
  30. Connecting a spindle motor to mk3/4 board and controlling via planet software
  31. Planet Inc Setup Help
  32. Powering Mk3/4
  33. mk2 warp not working
  34. Closed loop control in PlanetCNC
  35. Work Zero Problems
  36. In software TNG
  37. circular connector pin outs?
  38. Planetcnc controller
  39. Question about Spindle Control and Planet-CNC output board setup YL620
  40. USING “WARP” For axes X Y
  41. MK3 / CNC USB Controller - Plasma Stuttering
  42. Setup TNG
  43. Mk3 inputs.
  45. Issues with PlanetCNC TNG
  46. Looking for (second hand) Planet CNC MK2-9 controller
  47. EleksIVaxis
  48. Manual
  49. International mail delivery
  50. PlanetCNC and Work Coordinate Systems
  51. TNG thread wizard
  52. TNG and SD card.
  53. how can use for plasma?
  54. Script available parameters
  55. Does anybody know how i can use ATC in Planet Cnc Tng Software?
  56. 4 Axis Postprocessor Fusion 360
  57. Automatic tool messuring
  58. Step frequency
  59. Solidcam to Planet CNC PP
  60. Configurations issues with Planet-CNC and DQ542MA.
  61. G-Code Modal and non-modal
  62. Upgraded USBContoller Mk3/4 firmware via TNG now cannot use old software
  63. Newbie First Run Problems!
  64. 3d edge finder
  65. Chinese Clones=New user
  66. lathe selection of axles
  67. TNG remote number pad setup - worked on v1
  68. who can help me with the right software settings cncusb controller v2/04 planet.com
  69. On screen jog randomly not working
  70. Unable to revert back to V1
  71. TNG customization
  72. Connecting MPG to MK3/4
  73. Info on Spindle TV
  74. Motor connection
  75. It`s possible resize pic on cnc usb controller (LASER) ??
  76. More TNG customization
  77. Feature request
  78. Mk3/4 Driver HS86 (Leadshine rebuild) triggers Pause or estop.
  79. planet cnc clone and USBCNC TB6560 stepper motor driver board 15Khz
  81. Connecting Probe Ground
  82. Single axis controll using SD card and MK3
  83. (SDK) Software Developer Kit?
  84. Planetcnc TNG XBox or bluetooth controllers??
  85. Issue with warp (offset issue?)
  86. G-Code Wizard
  87. software stops wile running code
  88. Mk3DRV Upgrade Help
  89. Single input limit switchs?
  90. MK2/9 defective Axis repair need help on schematics
  91. Connecting Spindle and Coolant to an Output Board?
  92. G-Code loops and o-commands
  93. Tool Change
  94. Looking of Alternative to Laptop to run Planet CNC Software
  95. China 3040T coding
  96. files that are compatible with CNC-USB
  97. Compensate for more backlash in the middle of the screw on an old mill
  98. Output voltage from Output Board seems to be quite low?
  99. When will the new TNG manual be ready?
  100. Lathe Tool Offsets
  101. Arduino and UART output on Mk2/4
  102. problem with firmware Update
  103. Software Update 2018-7-26
  104. TNG: Input configuration
  105. New to CNC-USB with 3020T
  106. Tool data base
  107. Mk3/4 for SLA 3D printer
  108. Planet CNC without THC Option
  109. G93 Time Resolution
  110. Liniar scale for mk3/4?
  111. USB Controller MK3 stepper setting
  112. Latest release
  113. New to tng and mk3 board. Think i may have found a tool measure and work offset bug?
  114. Z-axis problems!
  115. VCarve gcode problem!?
  116. Can't get anything to move
  117. MK3/4 Axis Speed Issue
  118. Dual motor gantry homing?
  119. THC G-code problem
  120. Lookahead for TNG
  121. TNG Scripting
  122. Scripting in TNG
  123. G32 and Feed per Rev Issues
  124. Help configure Planet CNC software to controll the controller
  125. Is the PlanetCNC software license transferable?
  126. Getting rid of the annoying UAC popup when starting TNG
  127. Controller axis mapping
  128. Haw to LATHE - Settings
  129. Edge finding. Center.
  130. Thinking about switching to Planet CNC
  131. Newbie, Can't Get Motors To Move
  132. Detailed information about scripts?
  133. PlanetCNC TNG Slave Set Up
  134. New version
  135. Experience with rotary tool changer on planet-cnc MK3
  136. Post processor for Solidcam
  137. Planet CNC Mk3/4 Output count expansion
  138. Software limit
  139. Cncusb fusion 360 4axis post processor problems.
  140. older probotix control cncusb or planet cnc ???
  141. Motor and Limit Switches
  142. THC problem
  143. Emco retrofit
  144. ACservo?
  145. On Screen Jog Settings
  146. ErrorBuffer Message
  147. MK3/ 9 axis to Geck 213V and 540V
  148. coordinate transformation matrix
  149. MK3/4 to PoStep60
  150. Polygonized G2/G3 Arcs
  151. The program does not work correctly if "start from the selected line"
  152. Is MK3 a “drop in” replacement for MK1?
  153. TNG Latest version
  154. Purchasing a new board
  155. Looking for info on buildyourcnc.com board
  156. Parts machining OVERsize.
  157. jerky execution of the control program.
  158. Fusion 360/Planet CNC Post Processor Issue
  159. Need licensing assistance
  160. CNC USB z axis not starting in correct position.
  161. Need help identifying a control board.
  162. how to cut pcb contour from gerber?
  163. TNG stepper motor configuration need help!
  164. g41 g42
  165. Motors not jogging
  166. Connecting spindle (PWM) output to mini lathe, MK3/4 board
  167. tap M05 ? G84?
  168. Automatic THC on/off.
  169. TNG Transformation Matrix Calculation
  171. 3D tool change