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  1. North America Tapping 1-1/8"
  2. North America Tapping 1-1/8"
  3. Europe Hpr130xd ss cut problem
  5. 1986 Mori Seiki SL-5b
  6. Design templates?
  7. New Here CNC G-Code Backplotter
  8. Learning about CNC machines
  9. New Here Need Help with school project
  10. Need some expert advice
  11. Looking for some help
  13. Collet movement??
  15. New Here Newbie - need help getting design into cad then processing it
  16. cutting a chamfer
  17. New Here alarm 446
  18. Brass for the first time on my Stepcraft
  19. Help connecting a CPU to a Frequency Inverter
  20. help tapping with live tooling
  21. Help picking end mills
  22. Need help with a Selexx Mate machine
  23. New Here Dongda Tonsen CNC
  24. Gecko 320 Issues
  25. Help slotting 304 SS.
  26. Show us your oldest production machine
  27. North America DIY Spindle Project Help
  28. Cool Mister Costs.
  29. New Here Where did you start in the CNC World?
  31. Africa Haas Russian Manuals
  32. Looking for an ACRA 1776 Lathe Manual
  33. Indicating Drills.....
  34. In need of some advice!
  35. Newb with CNC 3040
  36. Epoxy tooling board
  37. Asia 3 & 5 Axis VMC.
  38. 6mm External ball groove in aluminium bronze, need help!
  39. Threading Steel Rod
  40. "Filling" part of slot after machining
  41. Off-Topic 48" x48" new build home cnc
  42. Off-Topic What's it worth?
  43. HELP: Looking to Have CNC Router Repaired
  45. Need help!
  46. New Here Mazak CNC Machines Manuals
  47. Europe Scm ,130 being replaced with new machine that has Xilog MAESTRO. Is it any good?
  48. Geometric die head unknown model and style
  49. Geometric die head unknown model and style
  50. Strange Problem
  51. iMachine with Prototrak SMX
  53. Opinon PPAP documentation advice
  54. setting workpiece coordinates with limit switches (like touch probe)
  55. Looking for Mentors Looking for help machining my first CNC part!
  56. Long tools(10+ Dia) and calculating speeds/feeds
  57. DeepGroove1 or Grizzly
  58. Mechanical copy / 3d scan question
  59. Tooling out a new machine,
  60. New Here V21 Express no longer able to merge file
  61. Opinon Parting off Speeds and feeds ??? To G96 or not ?
  62. HELP with program Okuma LC 10 OSP 3000 control
  63. Europe can anyone supply gcode for making wave board from mdf
  64. Z axis issue Laguna 4x8 table
  65. New Here VFD
  66. New Here Aussie newbie needs some help...
  67. New Here syntec question
  68. Infrared Heat Sensor Question
  69. 2 anti-backlash nuts per axis
  70. Europe Mach1 mill misses to dril some holes
  71. hard anodizing question
  72. Milling two slot in Aluminium pipe
  73. Z Axis getting deeper when carving
  74. CAT 40 Spindle with hand-operated tool switch
  75. Not sure what to do
  76. Opinon anodizer screw up
  77. How to measure Perpendicularity
  78. Trying to figure tool OD for CAM, getting strange results
  79. How I saved $1500 with a $2000 mill. ;-)
  80. Drill programming question
  81. Align Guide Pins so they don't jam...?
  82. Fanuc Robocut -help
  83. Really really need help outputting file in enroute...
  84. HDT Pulley Calculator
  85. tungsten carbide insert grinding
  86. Opinon Help with large parts
  87. Turn/Mill Problems.
  88. Milltronix Tool Offsets
  89. insert question
  90. active hearing protection?
  91. New Here Draft Angles holding
  92. Milling machine history?
  93. Threading on Enco 110-2032
  94. Problem with old MotionMaster Gantry mill
  95. please help how do i adjust atc arm height
  96. New Here Mach 3 / Smoothstepper/ Longs CNC kit issues
  97. Seeking Tooling - Unique Setup
  98. taper attachment for lathe
  99. measuring a 20tooth module 10 gear over pins
  100. Bridgeport EZ Path
  101. Mini chop saw
  102. North America Drilling 1018 steel on Mazak lathe
  103. Q def heidenhain
  104. Looking for DOS Assist for Fadal
  105. Tool ID? Sandvik Coromant
  106. North America Small hole drilling
  107. Robo Drill Question
  108. Tool Length setup again
  109. New Here spiller
  110. Looking for any 3 AXis CNC Millers with spare acapacity
  111. Europe Tips about Feed Speed
  112. Reaming large hole in 17-4
  113. New Here The Motion Group CNC 2 amp 3 axis controller NEED HELP
  114. cnc 4 axis simulator software
  115. latest dive into CNC
  116. Center Drill dimensions
  117. New Here Advice on replacing the main controller for a PRECIX router
  118. Pressure washing a Hardinge DV 59
  119. How would you machine this part
  120. V Block help
  121. Vectogramm Portrait
  122. Sherline 5400 CNC mill problem x-axis off the end
  123. Thick metal supplier in Dallas area
  124. CNC Marble Carving Tooling
  125. Yama Seiki Lathe
  126. Inconel
  127. North America Sanity Check - Moving our prototyping in-house with a Brother Speedio!
  128. 3/4 NPT G76 program help
  129. New Here mazak 510c
  130. Australia CNC control box spindle issue
  131. Hobbyist looking for recommendations on CNC Mills
  132. RPM / G76 canned cycle
  133. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  134. BMC800 with Tosnuc control rotary milling problem
  135. Manufacture Plastic End Caps (Tool)
  136. Cincinnati hawk htc 250
  137. Need Quiet Compressor
  138. New Here Circles Start and Stop points "off" along the Y
  139. North America Need help with Mazatrol Program
  140. Speeds & feeds and appropriate insert types for turning Textolite material
  141. North America linuxcnc stdin
  142. Kmotion setup files for K2 CNC (KG-3925)
  143. Please help the newbie!
  144. TC3 program edit lock
  145. Heat Treat Oven repair
  146. eBay Giggle: carbide rods which aren't
  147. Machine Shop Complimentary Software
  148. silicon or other sealant for CNC machine
  149. XYZ lathe problems
  150. CNC Fusion - Still in business?
  151. Material seems upside down
  152. Letter stamp material
  153. Outsourcing, overseas, advice please
  154. Can you teach me how to program sometime later on today?
  155. A version of PhotoToMesh which outputs CNC code.
  156. New Here Allen Bradley Bandit I cnc lathe control
  157. Custom Fabrication
  158. North America What on Earth is this?
  159. Small breaks. About to get rid of them.
  160. Looking for Ideas - Grooving interior Radius
  161. Opinon High feed turning worth it?
  162. 6061 Barstock Distortion?
  163. DATRON C5 5 axis mill/anybody using one ?
  164. Nedd help with difficult composites
  165. Fabricate plastic hinge for end cap
  166. Off-Topic Who is the Manufacturer of this Face/Shell Mill Cutter?
  167. Y axis lead screw won't go back in
  168. Australia Intergrex 400 ivs Sub Spindle axis overload
  169. new to forum, and new to okuma mill
  170. Cat40 v-flange dimenstions
  171. New Here Fanuc G code
  172. North America Porter cavity mill (REALLY old)
  173. Hello Mold Tool Makers :)
  174. CNC 3D carving - large depth?
  175. Australia Bridgeport Interact1 series 2 user
  176. North America Anybody own or know someone who own the David Decaussin UMC10 machine?
  177. Space Mouse for LinuxCNC?
  178. Need help with Hyundai hit15/seimens controls
  179. homing troubles
  180. Another homing issue.
  181. how do i get a clean finish?!?!?!
  182. cnc router vs uhmw cutting advice
  183. Help with tool holder ID
  184. Removing Ink Marks From Kaiser Aluminum Stock
  185. Opinion from an experienced CNCer
  186. deciding on super pid
  187. Newbie needs help with keyway broach on Mazak lathe.
  188. feed rate, plunge & RPM
  189. North America Need Help! i can t do drilling cycle with fanuc 10-te-f
  190. SFU and DFU
  191. 2205 duplex stainless milling
  192. DFO
  193. HELP 3D surface finish
  194. MAHO(CNC432) temperature comp!
  195. help with production blanks
  196. Need to create a counter for old Fanuc
  197. Supermax YCM-40 controller shuts off when energized
  198. Stepper motor stalling?
  199. [TRADESCHOOL] Starting Jan.4th! I need machinist advice.
  200. Debating getting into CNC work, have some questions.
  201. Axis direction conventions
  202. Looking For a Used VMC
  203. Straightening Stock
  204. Standard Buttress thread
  205. What is the name of this joint?
  206. Lathe - long thread accuracy
  207. Presetters and the idea of presetting....
  208. Need a bit of help with this problem
  209. Homing Enshu DT Center
  210. Haas vf1 mill startup problem, mori seiki cl-203 bad servo amp, haas gt 20 problems
  211. Mori seiki Lathe 101 Alarm code...Clearing process
  212. New Here Y-axis triggers Z-axis motor - Controller or Servo Error?
  213. TRUMPF TC260R
  214. Looking for comments on a stepper motor indexer idea
  215. Racer Vertical CNC Mill Tool Change Program
  216. Machining A286 per AMS5737
  217. Ridgid tapping No.10-24 thread
  218. What is proper lube for small rotary table?
  219. spindle speeders
  220. Requesting Help with crossfeed
  221. Copper Lathe Job
  222. A few questions about my new (old) cnc mill.
  223. machine pump wont turn on keep tripping out
  224. lathe and 4/5 axis trainning video
  225. 9x19 cnc lathe conversion
  226. Turner's CUBE Equations
  227. Convert 0-10V DC to PWM signal with Arduino
  228. Denford Triac Spindle Motor.
  229. Alternating Programs???
  230. Europe Go2cam
  231. why plastic?
  232. H13 tool steel
  233. Requesting Help with an axis that just stops when cutting!
  234. Intermac MasterStone 1500
  235. Breakout board.
  236. Australia Thread Milling troubles
  237. New to CNC world and unsure if I need a 3 or 4 axis machine
  238. S.E.M. MT 30x2 44l Spindle Motor.
  239. Foaming at the mouth?
  240. breakout board 5 volt power source how many amps
  241. New Here How to read signals from different things with a macro
  242. Parker SSD 508 Analogue DC Drive.
  243. Question about Proxxon Precision lathe FD 150/E
  244. passive magnetic bearings
  245. Need help with my kiwa excel 510
  246. trying to find someone to make graphite parts for my successful glass blowing tools
  247. Drill speed and feed for best tool life
  248. Parker SSD 508 Analogue DC Drive.
  249. Haas st-30ss x axis weight counterbalance.
  250. Need Request form
  251. Needing a cnc Mentor.
  252. Reamer tool questions from a Newbie
  254. CNC mill larger parts....
  255. CNC mill for a beginning Machinist
  256. Cutting polycarbonate
  257. CNC Lathe Collet, clamped or open overnight? Debate
  258. Can I ask what the proper name for a few part are?
  259. Opinon General CNC i carver Control Board
  260. Complete Newbie to CNC
  261. 1988 Mazak VQC 15/40
  262. Opinon Fanuc "Manual Handle Interrupt" aka MHI
  263. What CNC Router Bit?
  264. Quality drill bits, endmills ? brands? where ?
  265. CNC Router 6040T Help
  266. vectric design
  267. Motor Home Soft Limit Settings CNC 6040
  268. feeds and speeds sanity check on tiny endmills
  269. Anyone tried ultrasonic milling?
  270. What prices on a used cnc center unisign
  271. Opinon Possible to cut 53-400 threads on a mill
  272. Boring bar that can clean up a half inch deep 90 degree counter sink?
  273. cabochon drilling machine
  274. Machine 12g14g sheet metal?
  275. UHMW nut and Lead screw ?? Advice
  276. Looking for a Machinist
  277. North America Model of Mold step or iges Just for practice and learning
  278. Is there a way to make invisible cast iron welds?
  279. North America cnc o.d. turning
  280. How operate this CNC Controller for a 6040?
  281. Opinon Control box noise
  282. How Accurate do Screws Have to Be?
  283. New Here Newbi with Chinese 2520t problem
  284. Biesse Rover 30 - Help with command
  285. Opinon Deburring plastic
  286. Material for 4-way tool post?
  287. CNC Ran Off Path
  288. Looking for CNC Lathe Machinist and CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Machinist
  289. Mazak with fanuc 10t system
  290. Tapping Titanium
  291. feeds and speeds for wax?
  292. Noob needing help
  293. NEED HELP! Okamoto ACC-820 DXNP CNC Profile Grinder Parameters?
  294. New Here Looking For Opinions
  295. Help
  296. Australia 2078 error msg
  297. Alternatives to Proto-Trak Lathes
  298. Turning .005 width x .003 depth face grooves
  299. Mazak qt 20 1983 with t-1 worth buying?
  300. What's Happened To This Aluminum?