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  1. do I need a 24V supply
  2. A quick "well done"
  3. newbe questions
  4. funtions and wire usage
  5. Power Supply question
  6. motors
  7. what do i need to buy from zylotex to get up and running?
  8. Any recommendations for a power supply for their 3 axis board?
  9. home switches?
  10. two motors on one axis
  11. 5v power supply?
  12. Hooking up the xylotex board
  13. Here Is A Connection Diagram I Drew.
  14. Wiring Diag for 3 Xylotex Boards
  15. Arrrggh! I just blew my xylotex board
  16. Motor recomendation
  17. Relay for spindle on/off
  18. Limit Switches
  19. Tutorial for Spindle Control
  20. Lost Access to the Xylotex Forum
  21. Max Speed settings?
  22. optical switch
  23. Can you Convert A CNC Router to a CNC Foam Cutter with this Driver?
  24. 3x6
  25. 8amp OK for a Xylotex system?
  26. How to build stepper cables?
  27. Incredible pricing issues
  28. To Ground or Not to Ground
  29. Correct Stepper Wire ? ?
  30. Help contacting Jeff or finding new controller
  31. Xylotex Boards
  32. Circuit for Enabling motors through software???
  33. How to measure the current?
  34. Wiring Motors
  35. More limit switch questions
  36. Found a Radio Shack part for Molex & Powermax ll connections
  37. Xylotex/TurboCNC/stepper motor set up problem
  38. xylotex or salemcontrols
  39. Seperate Power Supply For Fan?
  40. Should I be able to stop the motors with my hand?
  41. Xylotex board and 214 oz motors
  42. Is It Xylotex Or Software?
  43. No Motion
  44. Xylotex for a wood router
  45. Can I use J8 Connector for Xylotex
  46. software for 4 axis zylotex/sherline setup
  47. D.I.Y. Xylotex Repair
  48. Help this Newbie Please!
  49. Power Supply
  50. Help with limit switches and Xylotex board
  51. 4-axis unipolar kit
  52. Hookup wire size
  53. power supplies
  54. Breakoutbords optoisolated
  55. Xylotex & Computer in same box?
  56. motor cables i got from xylotex
  57. help with micro stepping
  58. Where do I put the leads?
  59. Motor torque calcs with Xylotex drive
  60. Xylotex and plasma speeds
  61. Who can setup Xylotex XS4430U with Mach2?
  62. Xylotex & HF Mill/Drill
  63. Heeeeeelllllp Please
  64. Don't Do It?
  65. Kill that Puppy,
  66. Can't win for loseing,
  67. Motor Connector Plugs
  68. So far so good.
  69. Xylotex and cnc4pc
  70. Geared Stepper and Current Controll
  71. Anyone using xylotex stepper kit for a cnc plasma or router table?
  72. Xylotex - A rebutable company to deal with ?
  73. Xylotex + Mach 3: steppers twitching?! help.
  74. emergency stop
  75. help with lost steps??
  76. testing motors without letting the magic smoke out?
  77. Sleep Vs. Ena#
  78. Steptest.exe
  79. 3d milling
  80. Issue with new setup
  81. Changing Microsteps
  82. Will a Xylotex board be any different?
  83. xylotex 3 269 oz stepper kit
  84. xylotex setup
  85. xylotex boards and stepper questions
  86. Home switches,E-stop advise
  87. Concerning the Drive Box
  88. Xylotex - Which wire for motors?
  89. E-Stop
  90. Is the LED for the PS suppose to light up?
  91. Help W/Wiring Pinouts on Nema23 269 oz.in. Kit
  92. Axis setup problem
  93. Xylotex Motors with Encoder
  94. Capability
  95. xylotex 4 axis board and unknown stepper motors
  96. Electronic idiot... motors twitching
  97. Powers down!!!
  98. Bad Board?
  99. Xylotex Motor Specs
  100. Do Xylotex board work with any softwear
  101. Xylotex and 116-ounce motors
  102. Reseller or direct?
  103. Problem
  104. Xylotex driver and Mid-Band Resonance
  105. Old 4-axis box and Mach2 spindle config
  106. Vref setting
  107. Cooling
  108. running high Amp steppers question.
  109. parallel port settings/output signals
  110. Question on motor cables
  111. Suggest a breakout board plz
  112. Axis Slow Down
  113. Xylotex power supply
  114. Quick question on xylotex axis system kits
  115. Does xylotex ever respond to email?
  116. would this work for a PSU?
  117. Is a 5.0 Amp power supply too small?
  118. Everything Just Stopped and Wont Start
  119. Ok Now what? No motion at all
  120. What are you guys using for wiring
  121. does the 4axis xylotex board work with solidCAM
  122. Xylotex cant ship into EU!
  123. Xylotex
  124. Xylotex Speed
  125. Is the Xylotex a Good Choice
  126. Xylotex 5v question...
  127. ! Speed !
  128. Xylotex problems...
  129. Not enough parrallel ports in MACH2?
  130. PSU mounting screws
  131. making a control box...
  132. Table is done
  133. xylotex board questions...
  134. Rough Movement
  135. Will 495 oz/in be enough?
  136. Need Information about Xylotex new 495 oz/in.
  137. question about relay build (ger21 maybe) about the resistor
  138. 2 3-axis boards for one machine
  139. Someone Please Check MY circuit
  140. HELP Wiring the Xylotex controller, Is this correct?
  141. Optical isolate Xylotex issure
  142. xylotex and mach3?
  143. Test steppers with driver only?
  144. old drivers
  145. Vbb?
  146. Connection Between Xylotex Board and Stepper Motor
  147. Setting Vref---when?
  148. Cannot access Xylotes "Files" on Xylotes forum
  149. drive spins, shaft doesn't;also mach 3 question
  150. one drive box
  151. shipping to Canada
  152. Info for newbies- it may help you
  153. Is this same board as xylotex for less $$$?
  154. Question about a Xylotex instruction
  155. Xylotex Vs Gecko Pros and Cons
  156. Few questions from Xylotex's 3 axis data sheet
  157. What to use for an enclosure?
  158. How much is too long?
  159. Simple question
  160. Compared to Xylotex
  161. LED light on Xylotex Problem
  162. Proper grounding
  163. New here - New to xylotex - help please
  164. new to board
  165. Have I fried my board?
  166. stumped...
  167. Best breakout board?
  168. I want to make CNC with Xylotec
  169. motors chirping every 1/2 second Xylotex Cause:USB Thumbdrive!!
  170. Using +5v DC from Xylotec for I/O Board
  171. i can't connect with xylotex ?
  172. Motors keep stalling
  173. My 3 axis machine is alive!!
  174. Is this Input or output voltage
  175. Does Xylotex Board Work With Emc (linux)?
  176. Can I hook up a 3-axis board to a 1-axis board ?
  177. Question on pins. IDC vs DB25
  178. Which is Better 269oz or 425oz motors?
  179. Don't hurt the noob ... 1 axis reversed, help
  180. How do you Install more Fans?
  181. Powered up, No magic Smoke Lost, But no Response Either
  182. 425 oz in motors a bit hot
  183. x and y work, but no z
  184. 4X single axis bi-polar xylotex drive
  185. help me please!
  186. help blinking red led and clicking sound
  187. Autonomous Xylotex
  188. Driving Xylotex with PDA
  189. Xylotex and CNC4PC setup with mach3
  190. is this possible
  191. French need help to do start my CNC (that look like)
  192. Xylotex Direction Z -axis problem
  193. Whoops! Smoked all 4 channels?
  194. Help with e-stop button
  195. Wiring Breakout Board Questions
  196. Estop & Limit Switch Setup?
  197. Xylotex 4 axis drive Box
  198. CAD Drawing Of XYLOTEX 3 Axis Drive?
  199. Quesiton on steps? This cannot be true is it?
  200. Xylotex, steptest.exe, vibrates, ticks but no movement
  201. Bieese rover 342
  202. mach3 running xylotex 3axis weird problem
  203. Changed lead screw, no change!
  204. cnc90 to modern one
  205. xylotex board on its way
  206. New style connectors?
  207. 5V TTL Signal ? and My limit switch solution.
  208. xylotex/ sherline speeds and settings
  209. Is anyone running a 640oz nema34 on a xylotex 4 axis?
  210. Switches
  211. Building a Power Supply..questions
  212. Broken wires can fry the board?
  213. Controller problems
  214. Newbie question about breakout boards
  215. Newbie Q's: What else is needed besides the kit?
  216. Help with xylotex
  217. E-stop false triggers
  218. Can NOT get a PC to run Xylotex without freaking out, laptop is OK!?
  219. Xylotex Shutdown Problem
  220. What speed rapids can I do with the xylotex?
  221. spindle relay and other goodies.
  222. Docking station
  223. step syn 4 wire hookup help needed.
  224. Xylotex driver problems
  225. Parallel, Series, or Unipolar hookup?
  226. Driver Board Protection
  227. can you use this cam system
  228. Very, VERY Unhappy in Illinois
  229. Xylotex e-stop best approach
  230. Need Help! I need some help...
  231. Limit switch grounding
  232. Happy in Melbourne, Aust :)
  233. Problem Need help soon!
  234. Maybe a big oops
  235. Wiring diagram (including opto-coupling) for Xylotex
  236. z motor issue, board?
  237. Wire up CNC4PC C10 and switches?
  238. Resonance issue & Upgrade
  239. motors Humming and growling sometimes
  240. Need Help! Xylotex Problem
  241. fans
  242. Help with Xylotex and Mach 3
  243. How to get 4 axis and variable spindle speed with Xylotex setup on a Taig?
  244. Is deepgroove Xylotex?
  245. Limit Switches Not Working ?
  246. power surge?
  247. Mach3 xylotex 4.02 with 425oz motors.
  248. Newbie Need help finding an enclosure
  249. Need Help! Motor Reset
  250. Problem Motors Not Getting Power?
  251. Need Help! Pop noise in 3 Axis Xylotex board
  252. Repairing Xylotex
  253. Need Help! Xylotex Board quit working !
  254. Xylotex and C10 BOB
  255. Loseing torque
  256. Newbie Skipping steps on the taig
  257. Y Axis trouble
  258. Limit switches
  259. Motors aren't spining with enough...
  260. xylotex and cnc4pc products
  261. Need Help! Lost 4th Axis
  262. Does bipolar wiring of a unipolar motor create more torque if you microstep?
  263. Help on setup on xylotex and mach3
  264. I only need the board
  265. I burnt one of the axis. Can I still use the other three?
  266. New Machine Build Xylotex 4 Axis Foamcutter
  267. Can't reset Mach 3 when driver board is powered on.
  268. Xylotex controllers any good vs gecko?
  269. Newbie Building my own CNC
  270. Need Help! Need break out board suggestions
  271. Problem with board or motors
  272. Xylotex boards for sale - need repair
  273. Single Axis Problem
  274. replacement power supply
  275. Need Help! electronics help please
  276. New box and limit switches
  277. Xylotex 425 motors with gecko G540?
  278. Motor moves faster and farther in one direction
  279. Setting VRef on original Xylotex 3-axis board
  280. Adding estop to Xylotex board
  281. Xylotex 4 axis control box for sale.
  282. Need Help! Xylotex board used in old CNC Shark controller.
  283. Xylotex 4 axis with a different controller for Z
  284. Need Help! Xylotex controller
  285. Xylotex 3 axis controller with 269oz motors for sale
  286. Need Help! Stepper Motors
  287. Need Help! Stepper Motors