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  1. Problem How to adjust the parameters of the SteelTailor THC when cut different thickness ?
  2. Problem Why the torch of SteelTailor machine will go up to the top after I start to cut?
  3. Problem Any G or M code of SteelTailor controller for pierce height, pierce time and kerf?
  4. Problem How to change the cutting speed of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine
  5. Problem SteelTailor plasma power source stop working because of low air pressure how to do?
  6. Problem The cut angle of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine is too big, why?
  7. Newbie How to set the preheat time for SteelTailor flame cutting?
  8. Problem When I start to cut, there is no arc from SteelTailor CNC cutting machine torch?
  9. Problem How to conform Motor/Driver failure in SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine?
  10. Problem When we want to transfer g-code program,we got a SteelTailor “USB CONNECTION ERROR”.
  11. Problem SteelTailor machine is showing G92 error on screen while pressing start button.
  12. Problem Question about SteelTailor machine cutting circle and quadrangle.
  13. Problem How to connect Hypertherm Powermax105 with SteelTailor cutting machine quickly?
  14. Problem How to extend the effective cutting range of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machin?
  15. Problem How to solve the warning problem of X, Y axis beyond limit of SteelTailor machine?
  16. Problem Why there is a big vibration and noise while SteelTailor CNC cutting machine moving?
  17. New Machine Build What's the best quick connectoer between Hypertherm and SteelTailor?
  18. Problem The speed of going home of SteelTailor CNC cutting machine is too big?
  19. Problem Can the PC be connected to the host of Steeltailor CNC cutting machine?
  20. Problem When we press “Start” button,Why SteelTailor CNC cutting machine does not move?
  21. Problem when SteelTailor cutting circle and quadrangle, not matching with the real results?
  22. Problem Unsuccessful ignition of SteelTailor CNC cutting machine?
  23. Problem How to Identify the DIV FINISH wire of SteelTailor CNC cutting machine?
  24. Problem Is there a cutting software for SteelTailor Power portable CNC cutting machine?
  25. Problem When cutting starts every time the first shape get cut well. From the second shape on
  26. Problem How to set the controller of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine?
  27. Problem Why Yeah!Legend B5II water pump doesn’t work.?
  28. Problem The cutting problem about SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machine.
  29. Need Help! Which plasma power is the best fit for SteelTailor portable cutting machine?
  30. Problem Question about SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine controller
  31. Need Help! How about SteelTailor portable cnc cutting machine? Which one is the best?
  32. Problem Like “SteelTailor”, Say No to the pirated
  33. SteelTailor Dare to do Right in Alibaba
  34. Problem Problems of setting plasma cutting mode of SteelTailor SmartIII CNC cutting machine
  35. Problem How to replace the old THC of Valiant portable CNC cutting machine into a new one?
  36. Problem SteelTailor provide cutting parameter table for flame cutting operation?
  37. Need Help! SteelTailor After sale Service Center
  38. Problem Why the shape shown in the SteelTailor controller is changed?
  39. Problem The second shape is not cutting correct with SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine
  40. Problem SteelTailor Power servies can use flame cutting THC?
  41. Problem Can SteelTailor old portable CNC cutting machine add a plasma torch height sensor?
  42. Problem How to connect plasma cutters to SteelTailor CNC cutting machine?
  43. Problem Will the SteelTailor Nesting software support a local CAD software ?
  44. Problem Why the nesting software shown not correctly when put to the CNC cutting machine?
  45. Problem How to do when the plasma cutter stop working?
  46. Problem Questions on installing my NEST Master software on SteelTailor CNC cutitng machine?
  47. Problem Why the height sensing control donot work and without repeating the heating ...
  48. Problem Why SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine has to run the test mode?
  49. Problem Why plasma power source is not starting when the CNC is in plasma mode?
  50. Problem How add the electric torch lift on 2007 SteelTailor Power sieries?
  51. Problem Do you have any ducting software, which support SteelTailor machine?
  52. Problem Can we use Squire Tubes in TubeTailor CNC cutting machine?
  53. Problem What is the use of ARC- and ARC+, in theplasma interface cable ?
  54. Problem Why SteelTailor Power cutting circles the shape is not cutting correctly?
  55. Problem Can we use CAMDUCT cutting software in SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine?
  56. Problem Can CAM DUCT soft ware from AUTO DESK to make DUCT shapes with SteelTailor machine?
  57. Problem Can HyperTherm MAX PRO200 plasma cutter match with SteelTailor Power series machine?
  58. Problem Can High Frequency plasma used with SteelTailor portable CNC cutting Machines?
  59. Problem SteelTailor Plasma Nozzle is getting damaged at the first pierce itself?
  60. Problem SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machine ,the X axis is cutting 4mm bigger?
  61. SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machine how to check START or FINISH Signal?
  62. Problem SteelTailor plasma Acetylene gas cutting table parameters and THC operation guide
  63. Problem SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machine - How to change Fastcam to inch
  64. Problem how to set postprocessor for software - SteelTailor Legend I CNC cutting machine
  65. Need Help! We need your suggestions about global remote CNC cutting training.
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