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  1. Potential Issues
  2. Rotary Phase converter problems
  3. I Got Vfd
  4. VFD Question
  5. VFD choice
  6. Will this VFD work for my Bridgeport 2hp series 2 CNC
  7. Underrated VFD risk?
  8. VFD Radiation
  9. kasuga mill vfd single phase question
  10. I don't Understand
  11. VFD can I use these!!
  12. VFD for Rong Fu 25
  13. Derate a VFD ??
  14. KB-electronics KBCC-225R
  15. Boosting three-phase 240 Volts to 480 Volts
  16. Got a bunch of VFD's, anything good?
  17. problem with Yaskawa V7 drive
  18. AC Tech SM230S VFD VS Hitachi L200-022NFU VFD
  19. Can a 3ph input VFD run on 1ph ?
  20. manual Bridgeport/VFD
  21. How to replace Kress 1050 FME ballbearing?
  22. best router spindel
  23. Help with Huanyang HY02D223B
  25. Water cooled Chinese Spindle - air leak
  26. Chinese Spindle Experiences
  27. "Chinese" spindle minimum speed
  28. So you want a Chinese Spindle !!!!
  29. Connecting Huanyang VFD to Mach3 via Gecko 540
  30. Build Thread Super-PID speed controller installation to Fixed speed Router
  31. Toshiba VF-S9 VFD questions
  32. Huanyang Chinese VFD settings and manual here!
  33. Need Help! How do i disassemble a Prolight 1000 spindle
  34. Huanyang HY01D523B help please?
  35. Water cooled Chinese spindle disassembly
  36. Hitachi WJ200 Settings Help
  37. Need Help! FRENIC 5000 M2 SPINDLE DRIVE
  38. Some Questions. Spindles, Drivers, etc
  39. Are all 1.5kw spindles the same?
  40. Problem VFD Spindle tripping limit switches
  41. Super PID
  42. A Look Inside a Chinese 3.0kW Water Cooled Spindle
  43. Huanyang + water pump. How connect?
  44. Cheap and Simple ATC for Chinese Spindle
  45. Bosch Colt/Super-PID users....
  46. Indexing with Delta VFD-M
  47. Need Help! Problem with running Chinese 2.2kW spindle from Hitachi WJ200
  48. Need Help! 4kw Chinese VFD + Spindle - Input power?
  49. Need Help! Huanyang SL-240EE Manual (SL Series Manual for Vector VFD)
  50. Need Help! VFD control recommendation
  51. Which model Hitatchi VFD replaces the X200?
  52. Help with HY03D743B, not enough power
  53. Controls for Reliance 1AC2101U?
  54. Need Help! IMO JAJUAR in place of PARAJUST VFD
  55. 2.2 kw spindle cooling
  56. Need Help! 1.5kw spindle & Huanyang VFD
  57. Wiring a dryer plug/cable to VFD for a Teknomotor spindle
  58. Router or Spindle
  59. Spindle Choices
  60. Fuling to Huanyang VFD switch
  61. 0.4 kW air cooled spindle with 110v Delta VFD
  62. Newbie VFD for motion control?
  63. Spindle+VDF recommendation for long jobs cutting 18mm Plywood below €1000
  64. VFD size confusion for a 4kw spindle, 220v single phase input
  65. Water cooled spindle, what coolant do you use
  66. The New Chinese metal working spindles
  67. Chinese Spindles 240v or 380v ?
  68. Drain Wire
  69. Need Help! Problems with VFD
  70. Need Help! Wiring Problem between VFD and KL-DB25RS Breakout board
  71. Need Help! Problem with Nowforever E100 VFD
  72. Newbie Huanyang HY04D043B Emergency Stop
  73. Need Help! VFD sizing with 4kw (5Hp) HSD ATC spindle, 220v single phase input
  74. step up transformer + 480v rotary phase converter, or replace VFD?
  75. Need Help! Chinese CNC Router
  76. Hitachi WJ200-007MF Setting Help
  77. Need Help! VFD
  78. Newbie vfd 3 phase spindle on/off control via mach 3
  79. Need Help! spindle speed control
  80. Problem Huanyang 1.5KW Inverter / Spindle Question
  81. HELP: with Bosch 1617 wiring
  82. Simple control of KBIC type DC motor controllers?
  83. KRESS 800W FM RPM for best results on aluminium cuts
  84. Water cooled inrunner spindle motor
  85. Need help connecting a VFD
  86. Problem modbus tcp
  87. Looking for help setting up new Altivar 71 & HSD ES919
  88. Turning on VFD Spindle causes stepper motors to jump around
  89. Problem Spindle requires higher current than rated :( - overheating...
  90. Problem Problem with VFD Interference
  91. Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
  92. Need Help! How powerful (watt) router or spindle motor do I need for this?
  93. Need Help! Roland spindle wiring help needed please!
  94. Can I use this 1.5KW VFD with 400W Spindle
  95. Sable 2015
  96. Need Help! G540 VFd spindle help
  97. help with Yasakawa spindle drive
  98. VFD / Spindle Selection
  99. Need Help! VFD Speed calibration
  100. How can I Measure the work-load on my Colombo Spindle?
  101. Need Help! Frequency Inverter
  102. ABB ACS201 VFD problem
  103. New Machine Build Need help with selecting the spindle and motor
  104. Need Help! Can anyone understand this motor nameplate? 110v 3 phase?
  105. Need Help! Pwm from ebay and treadmill mtr. (Again)
  106. Need Help! Huanyang Parameters for 2.2k spindle
  107. Any VFD Guru's?
  108. Power Feed
  109. vfd and spindle installation and settings
  110. Need Help! Looking for Smaller Diameter Spindle (3ph)
  111. Huanyang Spindle noise, and Jog settings.
  112. Spindle and water pump: relay control circuit question
  113. Need Help! Need single phase VFD for 2/3(0.667) hp motor. What are my options?
  114. Relay to control router On/Off
  116. Vfd does not run
  117. Newbie Newbie question on VFD Spindle
  118. Mach Control of Huanyang VFD and Spindle through Gecko 540
  119. Spindle motor rewind
  120. Need Help! TB6560 and DC Spindle with PWM contoller
  121. Need Help! SRAM Files for Ikegai NB11T Fanuc 16i-M
  122. Need Help! Please Help!! instruction manual to disassembling HSD ES929 long nose spindle bearing
  123. Need Help! Brushless motor as a spindle ... And controll it with mach3
  124. Chinese spindle and advirtised .005mm Runout
  125. Bearing replacement for 2.2kw spindle (need bolt)
  126. Spindle selection help
  127. Spindle selection help
  128. Controlling spindle from Mach 3
  129. VFD 1.5kW setup question 110v vs 220v
  130. Huanyang VFD Multi-input/output question
  131. Huanyang VFD +5V & +24V Terminals
  132. Spindle Warmup?
  133. Need Help! VFD problems, please help. error code "DL"
  134. Need Help! Looking for spindle specifications
  135. Need Help! Wiring an inverter to UK mains ring
  136. Chinesse spindle RV antifreeze
  137. Spindle control with mach3???
  138. Newb question. What type of drive for Mitsubishi SJ-P2.2AM spindle motor?
  139. How loud are the air cooled chinese spindles?
  140. Controlling Spindle Speed of BF20 with linuxcnc
  141. Need Help! Current readout error on VFD
  142. Chinese spindle 1.5KW 65mm vs 80mm diameter
  143. Hitachi WJ200 in Simple POsitioning Mode?
  144. Need Help! Desperately need help with Super PID problem
  145. Need Help! Please Help with TB6560 to to MJB 7000 VFD Mach 3 controlled wiring connection
  146. HY02D223B 2.2KW Spindle VFD - bad soldering?
  147. Need Help! 3KW Huanyang VFD, can't stop spindle
  148. Braking resistor for spindle VFD?
  149. Need Help! Delta Inverter VFD055B23A
  150. Do EMC or Mach3 require spindle encoder feedback to thread?
  151. Chinese spindle in a rebuild
  152. Shielded wire recommendations
  153. Newbie Chinese 1.5kw spindle runout question
  154. I want to learn about spindles.
  155. Some questions about chinese 2.2 kW spindle.
  156. 2.2KW water vs 3KW square air-cooled spindle?
  157. Need Help! Help , spindle identification
  158. Import Spindles, BT30, ATC Ready, The good the bad and the ugly!
  159. kress 800 controlled by mach 3
  160. Problem Huanyang spindle blown....
  161. SuperID modification for Craftsman 315.175140 router
  162. Difference between WJ200 and X200 VDF
  163. Need Help! Wanting Mach3 to control spindle on/off
  164. Need Help! Cooling the 2.2kw chinese spindle
  165. Tormach Emerson VFD damaging the machine?
  166. Ugra CNC's 0.8KW spindles.... Water cooled or Air cooled ?
  167. Need help choosing a VFD-confused newbie
  168. Problem Orientation problem on Brother TC32B CNC machine
  169. Need Help! Spindle problem
  170. Fanuc spindle motor
  171. Braking resistor wiring
  172. Server PSU powered brushless spindle issue
  173. Need Help! SuperPID wiring
  174. Need Help! No response on spindle speed
  175. Need Help! Spindle identification
  176. Hacking a series wound universal motor to build a constant speed motor ?
  177. Need Help! Huanyang VFD and LinuxCNC
  178. Need Help! Produce 440v 3 phase power in a home shop with 220v single phase power source.
  179. Spindle cooling need help
  180. Build Thread Replacing old Fanuc AC Spindle Drive with Delta VFD-E and Arduino
  181. Ebay and other locations "Mach3 Spindle Governor" 12v 24v 110V, anyone tried it?
  182. Chinese Spindle choices?
  183. Need Help! Huanyang 1.5KW VFD stops at 0.8A with EOcn
  184. spindle starting on its own
  185. Need Help! High voltage (180 VDC) spindle drivers?
  186. Need Help! chirping & louder sound while cutting with new spindle..
  187. Need Help! Huanyang VFD 10V Analog Signal Reversed
  188. Newbie What VFD Spindle to buy
  189. Newbie Heat Exchanger for water cooled Spindle
  190. Need Help! The eternal doubt: Spindle, VFD, BOB How to make them speak each other?
  191. New CNC6040 with .8kw Spindle / 1.5kw VFD
  192. Need Help! Newbie questions on VFD size and spindle selection
  193. Problem Spindle's rotor getting hot !
  194. Problem Yamaguchi YMV-60 spindle noise
  195. Huanyang VFD V/F curve and low speed torque, 2.2kw spindle.
  196. Collet nut imbalance
  197. Running Taig motor on 220-240V VFD
  198. Need Help! connection to hy vfd and kl-2200 spindle with PBX-USB CNC control board
  199. Hitachi X200 VFD, RS485 MODBUS, and Mach3
  200. Need Help! Spindle repair??
  201. Need Help! Question about fuses used in FANUC AC Spindle Servo A06B-6044-H008
  202. AMC 100A40 braking circuit and inhibit.
  203. least expensive way to get 185V @ 12.5A for spindle motor?
  204. Need Help! Remove statorcoils from spindlemotor-housing.. how to?
  205. Need help: Help me identify this VFD FULING
  206. Mounting a VFD in a controller enclosure
  207. Need Help! Spindle control with chinese 5 axis BOB
  208. Diving into spindle bearing replacement
  209. feeling out of my depth with yaskawa VFD and chinese eBay spindle
  210. Need Help! What To Do But No How To Do
  211. Fanuc 10M Spindle Drive Trouble
  212. Need Help! VFD electronic problem
  213. Mitsubishi FR-SX-2-11K acceleration/deceleration rate
  214. Need Help! Troubleshoot spindle start
  215. Need Help! Chinese 2.2kw Spindle - wanting full spec
  216. Newbie 3HP VFDs: Hitachi WJ200 vs. Teco N3 vs. DuraPulse GS3
  217. Newbie General Specs
  218. Faulty Chinese spindle - or am I being stupid?
  219. What to watch for when buying a belt driven atc spindle
  220. Spindle Choices
  221. Need Help! chinese spindle strip dowm 1.5Kw air cooled
  222. Newbie HITACHI WJ200 parameters Need urgent help please
  223. Fanuc AC Spindle Drive speed does not match S-code speed
  224. Need Help! What length should spindle coolant hoses be?
  225. Need Help! 2.2kW water cooled spindle is getting warm
  226. Need Help! Spindle controller rpm output connections assistance needed!
  227. variable speed for 24v dc motor ?
  228. Air-cooled Square Spindle 2.2KW er25 spindles
  229. Need Help! AC Tech ESV152N02TXB running on single phase 240
  230. Need Help! Connecting spindle to breakout board
  231. recomendations for 2hp bridgeport 2j head with verible speed?
  232. Watercooled Spindles - there seem to be loads inc VFD, are they all the same ?
  233. Need Help! Which 2 wires to hook board to Variable Frequency Drive??
  234. Spindle Vs Router
  235. Chinese Spindle Wiring
  236. Fuling d130m vfd
  237. Need Help! Stop machine if spindle motor fails.
  238. issue with spindle and VFD
  239. Spindle water temperature
  240. Unattended Start Protection in Hitachi WJ200 series VFD
  241. Starting to search some professional spindles (doubt)
  242. Help finding a Spindle for Wood, Plastic, and maybe Aluminium?
  243. Need Help! Trying to configure my spindle with Mach3 and XHC MK4
  244. Open Source ATC Spindle design
  245. Running two different spindle motors from a single VFD?
  246. Need Help! PMDX-107 and Huanyang SL-240EE VFD
  247. Rewiring the coil of a single phase motor as 3 phase
  248. Replacing the broken Nowforever E/A100 with something else
  249. Need Help! I Think I'm Over My Head
  250. Need Help! PRECISE Electric Hi Speed Jig Grinding Attachment
  251. Need Help! SuperPID + Bosch 16171 Fixed-Speed (25k) Router vs Bosch 1617EVS Variable-Speed
  252. Need Help! Overcurrent protection with WJ200 and Shinese spindle
  253. Need Help! PRECISE Electric Hi Speed Jig Grinding Attachment
  254. Need Help! Spindle wiring
  255. Spindle vs router....spindle and VFD for a small cnc router...HELP?
  256. New Machine Build VDF Drive Inverters
  257. MJB SY6600 variable speed control HELP!!
  258. Need Help! Delta VFD EL 2.2KW settings
  259. Need Help! Hitachi X200 - lower RPMs
  260. Need help whit my HY01D523B inverter and the PWM wiring
  261. Controller board & VFD - Is connecting grounds sensible?
  262. Need Help! ATC DC Spindle
  263. Need Help! Which Wood router is best to use as a spindle?
  264. wiring to 400W CNC Spindle With Mount Bracket with C10
  265. Newbie Eding CPU5A4E and Siemens G110 VFD
  266. Sable-2015 new spindle
  267. Spindle Purchasing Help
  269. Need Help! TB6600 PWM Spindle Mach3
  270. Need Help! the vfd control
  271. Chinese spindle power/current explain?
  272. Need Help! Derating a Spindle Motor
  273. What is the right hitachi VFD for chinese 2.2KW spindle
  274. only 10Hz
  275. Seperate Power Supply for Spindle?
  276. Newbie chinese 2.2kw spindle help
  277. Need Help! 2.2kW spindle and voltage converter
  278. Problem Any one have a Haunyang AI or VI (0-10v) input to vary the FReq?
  279. Need Help! Huanyang 2.2 KW VFD Input Voltage Question.
  280. Problem 3ph Motor & VFD: Acceleration stops at about 50Hz
  281. I would l like to thank linearmotionbearings2008....
  282. spindle- 400w DC, how to conect?
  283. Newbie LV error on Spindle Start 2.2kw watercooled
  284. Delta VFD-M MODBUS help
  285. Advantages of 480v over 240v?
  287. Lenze VFD W/ Marathon Y535 3ph Motor Parameters Help
  288. Newbie Wiring Config on a JP-3163b board to the A131NBC-8015
  289. Router motor drawing
  290. Spindles and Lasers
  291. Hwo need the wiring about the dsp 0501 board with the vfd and parameter of the vfd :)
  292. VFD Go larger than the spindle rating?
  293. Need Help! Noise probs and spindle shielding
  294. Need Help! First CNC Machine Spindle & VFD
  295. Need Help! 10hp huanyang VFD problem
  296. Colombo ATC Spindle help....
  297. Driving coolant pump with VFD
  298. Need Help! Using a 3-Prong Dryer outlet to power HY VFD Inverter
  299. Need Help! VFD P24 to G540 using a Relay
  300. Need Help! Hitachi Wj200-15sf and Chinese 1.5kw spindle over current. What am I missing?