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  1. Let's see your projects!
  2. Let's see your projects!
  3. Linear bearing options
  4. Makerbot #253 (trials and tribulations)
  5. 3D Printed Flute
  6. New Prusa Mendel build
  7. HP DraftMaster II
  8. anyone here using EMC2 to control a reprap?
  9. Mach3 as 3d Printer Software
  10. Build log for my Prusa Mendel build
  11. Reprap
  12. Thing-o-matic #4919
  13. My Reprap Build
  14. Large Scale RepRap style printer
  15. New 3D printer (UPDATE) $350 ! ! ! complete
  16. RouterStrap 3D printer using your own CNC machine
  17. 64bit windows to 32bit WinXP problem?
  18. Extruder
  19. custom 3d printer build
  20. MetalicaRap 3D metal powder printer Help!
  21. Using an existing cnc machine for 3d printing
  22. mhackney's 3D Printers
  23. Prusa Mendel Build
  24. MakiBox, another 3d printer for $350
  25. slatronic's 3D printer
  26. I can haz 3D printer too?
  27. Version 1.0 of the new H-1 Assembly Manual now available
  28. limitations to platic extruding
  29. A video of my 3d printer self-replicating
  30. Learn CAD and use our 3d printers for free! (Houston) Also classes in tons of topics!
  31. surprised by accuracy
  32. 3D Printer Mach3 Print and Machine all in one
  33. New High Resolution printer being crowd-sourced...
  34. OpenBeam - Cheap extrusion framework for 3D printers
  35. Any 3D Printer Guys Interested In Doing A Job For Money?
  36. Stratasys Catalyst alternative?
  37. Full bed single volume print on Prusa Mendel
  38. 3D DLP Printer Project
  39. Solidoodle Anyone?
  40. Adding 3D printing to Sieg Mini mill
  41. Extruder/Hotend for $34 (Kickstarter)
  42. V flash 3d printer
  43. 3d scanning?
  44. Acuracy
  45. Soft rubber filament
  46. Stratasys Dimension bst motherboard
  47. Stratasys FDM: material loading into head
  48. Aviation Surplus machine + RepRap 3d printer inspiration.
  49. E for an A
  50. 3D Printers why so quite on here?
  51. Mendelmax Scaling
  52. editing Marlin Configuration.h
  53. ORD Bot Hadron 3D printer mechanical platform
  54. Convert your CNC machine to a 3D Printer
  55. Clock Build
  56. Project dimension max
  57. Stereolithography(SLA) Printer using High Speed Galvo
  58. 3D Printer Questions
  59. Best bang for the buck 3d Printer for use with Solidworks?
  60. Can somebody 3d Print a Solidworks 2012 model for me?
  61. My largest ABS print 350mmx225mm(14x10")
  62. Can a printer head be added to a CNC mill ?
  63. Syringe Pump/Mach3 Interface
  64. Which is the best Rapid Prototype machine?
  65. Soft filament types?
  66. Need parts printed?
  67. BloomingtonMike's 3D Extruder Mod for CastCNC Joes
  68. Where to Find 3D Files?
  69. Convert a 3-axis CNC Mill to a 3D Printer?
  70. Why buy a Stratsys versus a way cheaper Makerbot?
  71. My over engineered printer needs help
  72. Who makes the best fully assembled 3d printer for sub $5k right now?
  73. cad/cam package for cnc milling and 3d printing?
  74. Convert CNC router to 3D printer?
  75. Can you convert a CNC Router to a 3D printer?
  76. Stratasys Prodigy Plus / Leapfrog Xeed / GRRF PRotos X400
  77. Online 3D print services
  78. The Ultimate 3D Printing Survey
  79. Search engine for 3d printing files and objects
  80. Just found an awesome 3d printing service with SLS and FDM printers..
  81. Best 3D printer kit or built for reasonable price?
  82. New to 3d printing , new build log
  83. 3D Metal Printer Startup Survey Request
  84. Finishing Off 3D Printed Parts - Objet
  85. RepRapPro Mendel Build
  86. Extruder build for my CNC machine
  87. Setting up extruder stepper motor
  88. T slot linear bearings for 3D printer build?
  89. The 3D Printer Mentioned in the Big Bang Theory
  90. New printer build
  91. Taig to 3D print?
  92. Higher speed extruder-printer and EMC2 (up to 35000mm/min)
  93. new printer design
  94. Soildworks stl file mainifold errors.
  95. Large ABS builds
  96. Possible Extruder Design
  97. Felix 3D-printer
  98. 3D printer in Middle School
  99. Jewelry Printer....wax?
  100. My large 3d printer i built
  101. 3D printing services
  102. Millable 3D printer plans/cutlist
  103. 3dbility - 3D printable objects Search Engine
  104. 3D Printing in Metal!
  105. 3D printers vs CNC machines what is each limitations and why not go for just 3D print
  106. With 3Dprinting, why do we need variations of CNC machinery?
  107. Prototype in plastic -> real part in metal. How to get the lowest price?
  108. 2nd 3D printer build completed
  109. 3D printing vs. CNC-processing
  110. Newbie How much to charge for 3d printing
  111. 3D moving
  112. 3D extrusion project suggestions
  113. extruder recommendations
  114. Meetup Makes Its First Acquisition With Dispatch, Will Roll Out Improved Messaging &
  115. Voxeljet Prints Their Way to an IPO
  116. What is Laminated Object Manufacturing?
  117. The Mysterious 4XYZ
  118. Thiel Fellows Program Is “Most Misdirected Piece Of Philanthropy,” Says Larry Summers
  119. MakerBot CEO Joins in ‘America Makes’ Rebranding Announcement
  120. Newbie Convert CMM to 3D printer - what would it take?
  121. Thanks for coming out to our Engadget + gdgt Boston event!
  122. 3D Printed Robotic Arm
  123. Stealing Intellectual Property with 3D Printing
  124. 3Dsimo Is The Future Proof 3D Printer Pen
  125. 3D printing gets metal with European Space Agency’s AMAZE project
  126. We’ve Printed a Monster
  127. 3D Printing Live! Joining the ranks of the international 3D printing conferences
  128. The Ultimate Iron Chef – When 3D Printers Invade the Kitchen (Op-Ed)
  129. Automatic Home-Brewing Machine Takes Off On Kickstarter
  130. Virtual Reality and 3D Printing – Beyond Virtual Prototyping
  131. See A Sofa Made From Brain Waves And 17 Other Amazing Products Of Digital Fabrication
  132. DePuy Synthes CMF TRUMATCH Solutions for Facial Reconstruction (VIDEO)
  133. CAD Burglars: Analyst Predicts 3D Printing Will Lead to $100 Billion in IP Theft
  134. MAD Gets Out of Hand: Curator Ron Labaco on the First In-Depth Survey of Digitally-Fa
  135. Print Me to the Moon
  136. 3D Printing for Math Professors and You, Too
  137. Hatch Live Kicks Off This Weekend with its First Design Challenge
  138. 10 Fast Food Chains*—*Including Olive Garden*— Have More Effective Advertising Than M
  139. Insert Coin semifinalist: DIWire Bender
  140. Can 3D Printing Permanently Break the Law!?
  141. New Machine Build 3D printer update for Skip20
  142. Autodesk CEO Carl Bass Thinks The Future Of Hardware Startups Extends To The Moon And
  143. Horse Gets Titanium Horseshoes Thanks to 3D Printing
  144. UK Announces Further Funding for 3D Printing in Schools
  145. The Eiffel Tower is 3D Printing’s Go-To Model
  146. Move over Michealangelo – 3D Printing with Marble
  147. What is the purpose of a heated bed?
  148. The Architect and the Last-Minute Model: Samuel Bernier on Le FabShop’s Makerbot Repl
  149. Meet The New Media At IGNITION On November 11-13
  150. Why have 3D printers in the classroom?
  151. Canada to Study how to Prevent 3D Printed Guns
  152. 3D Printing: Abuses & Odd Uses
  153. Meg Whitman: HP Will Have A 3D Printer In 2014 (HPQ)
  154. Newbie Ideas and Questions
  155. Superheros walk amongst us
  156. HP Re-Enters the 3D Printing Market
  157. 3D printed gun parts discovered during police raid in UK
  158. Microsoft Opens A Maker Space On Its Campus
  159. Here Comes The FUD: UK Police Claim To Find 3D-Printed Gun Parts In Raid On Home
  160. NSA Monitored 35 World Leaders and Other News You Need to Know
  161. Need Help! 3D iPrint Evolution Issues....
  162. Newbie UV Cured Media Printer
  163. Looking for someone to print a sand casting pattern for me.
  164. CNC cutting table conversion to 3d printing
  165. Heat Tolerant 3D Printing Material
  166. Need Help! Heated Bed Stuff
  167. New Machine Build Largeformat 3D printer
  168. 3D printers comprehensive guide
  169. Solved Elmer's Glue Sticks (Purple) for bed adhesion!
  170. New Video for 3D Pprinter
  171. maze to Printer - (maze of theseus)
  172. pibot info
  173. Hobby metal 3d printers
  174. 3D printed parts for CNC?
  175. Need Help! Duplomatic cnc lathe turret on working
  176. Need Help! Looking for a 3D printer, need help on what to buy
  177. X2 into 3D Printer?
  178. 3D Printer Giveaway Contest. Win a Lulzbot TAZ 3D worth $2200. Entry Free
  179. Need Help! converting 4' x 8' cnc router into 3d printer.
  180. 3D printer
  181. 3 d printer
  182. My latest design and build of 3-D printer
  183. Print plastic traces on nlank copper clad for circuit board etch resist
  184. Here's a picture of something I printed
  185. Hybrid 3d Printer and CNC hack need help.
  186. BYO Printers
  187. converting a jgro based router into 3d printer
  188. Attaching Extruder to CNC Mill
  189. designing an easy to build open source 3D printer
  190. Brief introduction for 3DCloud Studio
  191. Anyone building a RepRap Prusa Mendel I3 - in the Detroit Michigan Area?
  192. Quick question on time to print
  193. Newbie Almost Ready To Build One
  194. Problem Fortus 400 - print directly on foundation sheet
  195. Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit
  196. TPU Shore 85 Free Sample. Need data on how well it works.
  197. Delta 3D Printer Kit
  198. Need Help! Who makes the best fully assembled 3d printer for the price
  199. Newbie Additive and Subtractive manufacturing
  200. Need help for 3d printer programming
  201. he3d-i3 prusa i3 3d priner kit
  202. DIMS 3D printer build.......
  203. Pros and Cons of 3D printer designs needed
  204. Need Help! Putting a 4th axis
  205. Need Help! Heatbed and extruder won't heat
  206. Lauren here from Growshapes
  207. Machine speed for 3D printing
  208. Heatbed glue needed ??? I'm trying Nylon and it's not sticking !!!
  209. Mass Portal 3D-printer form Finland
  210. Just In Hyrel Prints PEEK Today.
  211. How about fumes melted plastics and ventilation/healt issues?
  212. Need Help! "Unprint" - How do I remove ink from paper?
  213. Just In 3D print of a star shaped lithophane explanation on YouTube
  214. Just In Hyrel to award ten System 30M printers
  215. General questions regarding Roland Picza Pix 30 3-D Scanner
  216. 3D Printing RTV Silicone from disposable syringes
  217. Video Sneak Peek: The Hyrel Pick and Place Head!
  218. Video Introducing the Hyrel SDS Heads for Fluids
  219. Video Introducing the Hyrel MK2-250 Dual Drive for Flexible Filaments
  220. Intro to Hyrel Possibilities - Jan 2016
  221. Problem Extruder error echo:heating failed
  222. Bioplotting for under $10K
  223. Video First look at the Spring 2016 Line from Hyrel 3D
  224. What caused this?
  225. Newbie Adding a 3D printer to my CNC router
  226. Newbie 3d Printer Discussion
  227. 3D drawing of 40mm fan cover for 3D printer, hole distance 32mm, Free download
  228. New video describes Hyrel 3D Print Heads
  229. Raw speculation: semi-automated filament change
  230. How I created my own Bb8 robot
  231. New updates and upgrades of BB-8 robot made by Endurance
  232. Interesting for DIY!!!!!
  233. How to make a nice aluminum etching at home or in a
  234. Anyone here printing in metal? Or using Magics software?
  235. Overview of Hyrel3D Filament heads
  236. Running a FADAL CNC on Hyrel3D Circuitry, Firmware and Software
  237. General 3D printing questions
  238. Need Help! Cost efficient HD 3D printer for direct casting
  239. Production of printed parts
  240. Newbie with a few questions about 3d printing. Please help!
  241. Large Scale 3D Printing
  242. Curious: PCB etching - use printed traces as resist
  243. Need Help! ISO: plans for CNC-made 3d printer
  244. Video Hyrel Hydra Line
  245. Making a CNC Machine using a 3D Printer
  246. Customizable 3D Printers?
  247. Printing ABS vs PLA
  248. Why can't I find a single "parts focused" objective review of 3d printers?
  249. Looking for suggestions, building a 3D printer - opinions welcome!
  250. Survey about 3D printing
  251. Need Help! which to choose or not to choose in 3d printer a gentle prod for direction needed
  252. Catalyst EX Software
  253. Build Thread cnc to 3d print
  254. Solved My Geeetech Acrylic Reprap Prusa I3 Pro B improvements
  255. New Machine Build 3D Printer or CNC Wood Router?
  256. Extruder not working. PLEASE HELP!!
  257. anyone make an caulk 3d printer? (silicone caulk with sped up cure using water)
  258. LCD 3D printer - LCD not working
  259. SD card not working
  260. Temperature Calibraation Tower
  261. New Machine Build My DIY 3D printer
  262. Laser attachment to 3D printer
  263. How to measure real laser power output?
  264. Laser giveaway from Endurance lasers
  265. Mach 3 control of printer
  266. In 2018, Are Printed Objects Tough Enough to Use?
  267. Ender 3
  268. Handheld 3D Scanner Under USD5000
  269. How to use a 3D printer? Beginner must have a look!
  270. Adding 3D print head to my 10 year old scratch built CNC
  271. Introduction
  272. Filament extruder head recommendation
  273. 3D LAB: MakerBot ,Zortrax ,Ultimaker, Makerpi K5
  274. MakerPi K5 plus 3D printer with wifi control, distributor, OEM&ODM partner welcome
  275. Duet 2 from Duet3d
  276. Problem Z level home shows Z+150
  277. Best open source electronics for 3D printer