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  1. KFLOP replacing LPT/Mach3 How To
  2. Forum for Dynomotion/Kflop
  3. KFLOP Capabilities
  4. LimitSwitch and the KFLOP
  5. Machine Manager CNC and Automation Framework
  6. DynoMotion .Net
  7. Optimizing servo tuning.
  8. JP5 connector
  9. anyone using SnapAmp 1000?
  10. Servo tuning with SnapAmp
  11. My Kflop/Kanalog test bed
  12. Announcing Dynomotion's New 4-Axis Stepper Driver - KSTEP
  13. Quadrature encoder wiring with the KFlop
  14. Not getting +5 VDC output with KFlop
  15. KMotion CNC.net
  16. Jenix DSC800 DRO
  17. C program compile error
  18. Homing each side of ganty indepentently
  19. Dual motor gantry and Mach3 features that don't...
  20. Kflop JP5 (new user).
  21. Pressing Reset in Mach3 set Machine coords to 0?
  22. Issue with G Code
  23. KFlop+Mach3 on Windows 7
  24. Auto Tool Zero
  25. Kfop+Kstep loosing steps
  26. Some Questions
  27. General KFlop/KStep Precautions
  28. Kanalog Questions
  29. New Interface board for KFLOP by Umbrella Technologies
  30. Negative & positive limit
  31. Stepper Configuration and EStop
  32. New CNC Router Project, Using Kflop, KANALOG, KMotion and Mach 3
  33. KAnalog or Umax?
  34. KFLOP+Kanalog Analog Velocity Servo tuning
  35. Kflop+Kstep video
  36. DynoMotion Smile
  37. Velocity change while jogging?
  38. Need Help - Final Issues
  39. Tuning Servos
  40. How connect MPJ
  41. Trajectory Planner Control
  42. THC Control
  43. IO SIGN
  44. kflop with snapamps
  45. CL Stepper
  46. MoveExp
  47. Mach3 vs Kflop
  48. Setting up KFlop + KStep closed loop stepper system
  49. More sophisticated reference
  50. KFlop controller to interface w/ Prototrak Servo amps
  51. Bug in sample programs
  52. KFLOP + C10 breakout board from Keiling
  53. Gamepad and other questions
  54. DRO clear
  55. best Big stepper motor work with Kflop+Kstep?
  56. KFLOP Not Recognized by USB....
  57. Cincinnati Retrofit
  58. Tree 325 retrofit - question about what electrical diagram is telling me
  59. External feed hold
  60. Tree 325 retrofit-Expectations versus capabilties
  61. Thoughts on "Closing the Loop"
  62. Learning the Kmotion Ropes
  63. Mach3/Kflop - Homing
  64. Incremental Encoder
  65. Mach3/Kflop/Pokeys MPG conflict
  66. Mach3/Kflop - feedhold/cyclestart
  67. PWM/direction servo
  68. tree 325 retrofit - electrical diagram/program questions
  69. Kflop+kstep out of syn
  70. Kflop to Mach3 signal bit
  71. Kflop vs PlanetCNC USB motion controller
  72. Kflop Dir / Step setup time
  73. Help selecting motor/PS combo for KStep
  74. KMotionCNC hardware requirements
  75. Source for 26 wire ribbon cable assembly
  76. Tree 325 Retrofit - More questions
  77. KFlop + KStep integration
  78. Limit options
  79. Crash
  80. Axis's creeping away...
  81. Corner Signal Plasma CNC
  82. KFlop + External Servo Drives
  83. USB1.1?
  84. Kflop and pokeys together
  85. KFlop + KAnalog hardware details
  86. Reading Current Position in C program?
  87. Learning Kfloppery
  88. Daughter board for KAnalog
  89. Build Thread: Kflop with small cnc router
  90. Newbie Q regarding initial setup
  91. Umax Cnc BOB with Kflop...anyone else using this?
  92. Servo tuning
  93. Mixed motor types?
  94. KMotionCNC
  95. Help! Having trouble moving my motors
  96. Glass scales with stepper motors
  97. TimeSlicing
  98. KmotionCNC - Sending information to user program?
  99. help for wiring kflop to 3 CL stepper
  100. Is there any difference between Virtual bits and Extended Virtual bits ?
  101. Gantry Arch CNC with 3x 1.5kW servos
  102. Plotting postional error over an extended time in mach3
  103. AC and DC Servo projects with Kaflop+Kanalog
  104. Linear Glass Scale encoder with Kflop/Kanalog
  105. KFLOP - MACH3 Touch plate
  106. Transitioning from using macros to Kmotion
  107. Getting STEP pulses counter from board
  108. Is this normal ? or OK ?
  109. Basic question/issue with getting axis moving
  110. Kmotion CNC - Preventing "Execute" if certain conditions aren't met
  111. How do I Flush the rs-232 Input Buffer ?
  112. advice for new KFlop-based router?
  113. Question about Soft Limits
  114. A few questions : jerk, offsets, hotkeys .
  115. kflop/kanalog for retrofitting machine with glass scales
  116. Windows 7 install problem with KMotion
  117. Madcam/KMotion CNC Post Processor?
  118. Servopack motor with rotary encoder
  119. Jogging Question
  120. Is anyone using KmotionCNC instead of Mach3?
  121. Retrofit old Cnc with kflop-kanalog
  122. Retrofit planning thoughts
  123. KFlop 4.3
  124. Ballscrews or closed loop?
  125. Motion Clamp Question
  126. Geo Correction
  127. Noise problems. Would like some advice.
  128. The CNC Pendant From Heck....
  129. Kanalog connection questions
  130. Probing. Auto search Z=0
  131. Help config 5 axis kflop
  132. Breakout Board for KFLOP
  133. Feature request
  134. Cheap magnetic DRO as linear encoder?
  135. KFlop/SnapAmp - BDC Servo Beginning Tuning - Oscillations - Tracking Errors
  136. Connector Size (Terminal Block)
  137. Startup Problems
  138. Trajectory Planner Break Angle question
  139. Storing user varibles in KMotion
  140. Constant Reboot
  141. AMC PWM DIR BD30A8 Amps using KFlop PWMs - tuning
  142. Position Mode Drive - To pass encoder signals on to KFlop or not?
  143. Limit switches to drives and/or KFlop
  144. Post for RhinoCAm
  145. C-program questions- Dissallow into limits
  146. Any success stories with rigid tapping and Mach 3?
  147. KFlop with KAnalog Step and Dir for Yaskawa SGDH PULS/SIGN inputs
  148. Servo drive enable connections - KFlop/KAnalog connection?
  149. Kmotion/KFLOP - Z axis as DRO
  150. need simple wiring help
  151. Step response reassigns my drives - help!
  152. totally lost and need a nudge in the right direction retrofitting an old thermwood
  153. KmotionCNC 430 Problem
  154. Speed vs. Torque mode
  155. kflop step&dir in velocity mode?
  156. Kflop - Kanalog setup guide.
  157. CNC upgrade with Kflop/Kanalog/mach3
  158. Mach3/Kflop - Homing 3 axis machine
  159. Homing using limit and encoder index pulse?
  160. Mach3 + Kflop + VFD = Spindle Speed control?
  161. Kflop + kAnalog+ Hurco KBM
  162. Locating appropriate connectivity cables
  163. Ssr to k-flop
  164. Guitar Builders Need Help on a K2 CNC machine with router using Kmotion
  165. Need Help! Kflop/Viper/Sharnoa (Initial setup)
  166. Need Help! Kmotion 4.30, How to set or fix system co-ordinates ?
  167. Kflop/Quadrature Encoder Use
  168. Need Help! Scale in mach3
  169. Help with wiring planning and understanding ground/noise issues
  170. Glass Scale feedback with servo motor?
  171. KMotionCNC cannot get axis readouts to turn green
  172. how to use a G540 and KFlOp
  173. New Machine Build CONTROLLING WITH AN IPAD
  174. KFLOP: How to modify spindle speed PWM from SpindleMach3PWM.c
  175. Snap Amp Fault - system not-responding
  176. error with offsets
  177. Time delay
  178. Axes not moving after switching step/dir output from JP7 to JP5
  179. Limit Switch+Kanalog doesn't seem to work
  180. StopImmediate And GetStopState
  181. Plz help to close the loops correctly!
  182. Need Help! Bridgeport R2E4 Dynomotion retrofit???
  183. Strange problem with moving X axis all of a sudden
  184. Intermittent issue with axis reversing direction after Homing
  185. custom firmware?
  186. Konnect & PWM outputs
  187. KFLOP with USB isolator
  188. Ghosts in my KFLOP CNC machine
  189. working yesterday problems today
  190. Need Help! How to pass strings from kflop to mach3?
  191. M30 Behavior
  192. Apparent noise issue
  193. simple question
  194. Need Help! haas tl1 tool changer problem
  195. Solved Kflop e programming
  196. Need Help! Can anyone help me with thread cutting
  197. limitting amps through snapamp
  198. beginner question
  199. Fadal 6030 with Numatix Control Re-Retrofit Feasibility??
  200. how to get more DAC outputs?
  201. Need Help! simple programming help!!
  202. Problem Retrofit 1987 Thermwood with Kflop and Kanalog
  203. Add external button
  204. windows 8
  205. Spindle mode
  206. KFLOP use with Tormach 1100
  207. Konnect cable length
  208. Need Help! control spindle speed by using inverter and pulse train
  209. resolver and kflop
  210. Need Help! Automatic tool changer program for a 8 tool turret Diy lathe cnc
  211. Lots of questions
  212. Possible to do Transformation Matrix with Dynomotion CNC?
  213. Newbie Hooking up my new Kflop and Kstep- basic question
  214. New Machine Build KFLOP to encoder interface
  215. upgrading drives and c code
  216. Newbie Kflop/Kanalog Wiring for Yaskawa SGDH drives
  217. USB Driver will not install
  218. Need Help! KMotionCNC Not Following Encoders In CL Stepper
  219. Mach4
  220. Servo Questions and Thoughts
  221. Want to write a Complete Control Software: In C# Do I have to know C and C++???
  222. Need Help! Tuning in step response screen,getting motor movement
  223. Inv Dist Per Cycle or Counts Per Inch?
  224. How to Connect Relays to the KFlop Controller???
  225. Brushless c code example with snap amp
  226. Need Help! Laser Engraver
  227. Setting up KFlop
  228. Weird window size issue with KMotion CNC
  229. Kflop auto disconnecting.
  230. Need Help! How to change what M2 does, DRO going to Zero (0) at end of GCode program.
  231. Backlash settings for Mach3
  232. Limit switches in series
  233. Need Help! Heidenhain linear encoder as input
  234. Kflop to Ditron DC10 Encoders
  235. Spindle Control
  236. Error-Interpreter Busy
  237. Rigid Tapping Trouble
  238. Problem with Konnect
  239. Need Help! Dual loop settings
  240. Newbie KFLOP and KSTEP Three Axis Wiring
  241. Need Help! Machine Rebounds when I let go of the job command
  242. Need Help! Reduce voltage for limit/home switch
  243. Need Help! FeedRate under switch control
  244. Need Help! Lathe Spindle setup
  245. Need Help! Does Kflop have a built in Step Multiplier?
  246. Motor Question
  247. Need Help! Can I run KmotionCNC as simulator without connection board
  248. Need Help! G76 - Threading
  249. Glass scales VS encoders for CL stepper operation
  250. KMotion/KFlop Version 4.31 Released
  251. Problem Connected-disconnected loop
  252. Need Help! Anilam/ supermax Frankenstein project using Dynomotion Kflop and Kanalog boards.
  253. Enable Servo Amplifier...
  254. Tunning a system with G320 and Kflop
  255. KmotionCNC startup
  256. VB.Net example exeption while running
  257. Newbie Is it possible to use RS232 with Kflop and Kstep
  258. KMotionCNC Source Code
  259. KmotionCNC single block
  260. Newbie Estop Watchdog command in Initialization File
  261. Newbie KMotionCNC with newer Visual Studio? (2012,2013,2014,etc)
  262. Newbie Is Kflop/Kmotion CNC right for me?
  263. Need Help! Axis stop moving - KFlop - SnapAmp - Mach3
  264. Need Help! Kflop spindle PWM control -10 + 10v
  265. Need Help! Single ended encoder and Kanalog
  266. Segmented Corners
  267. KFlop with touch probe
  268. Will a single snapamp drive these servos?
  269. Kflop/G540 wiring check please
  270. New Machine Build KFlop/Kanalog/Mach3
  271. kflop by itself?
  272. Need Help! Programming KFlop in C. Tiny C compiler. Development tools.
  273. MPG feedback Mach3
  274. Stepper power supply confusion ...
  275. Proposed CNC system - looking for feedback
  276. Jerky movement - motion easing
  277. Lathe Tool Offsets
  278. Lathe G2/G3
  279. KMotion/KFlop Test Version 4.33a Available - Videos
  280. G code line jump?
  281. I need a 4 axis mill and 3 axis lathe controller dynamotion + kflops?
  282. New Machine Build Converting old Lathe
  283. FRO Apply?
  284. Need Help! Kflop. Spindle VFD digital control by pulse train
  285. Problem kflop strange reaction
  286. New Machine Build I/O Questions
  287. PID Question For Tom - Not Really KFlop Related....
  288. Need Help! Saving config data/ init need help kflop
  289. Need Help! M & S Code (Configure or Define), in Initialization File: How to do it?
  290. Help with manual tool change
  291. Spindle Speed Override: How to Implement?
  292. Wire EDM Anyone?
  293. KMotionCNC - Can I make my own screensets?
  294. Need Help! How to use "ReadBit19" and use in my .net program?
  295. Need Help! M100 and above, don't work??
  296. Newbie MACH 4 vs. MACH 3
  297. Need Help! Kflop and DRO feedback
  298. read analog pot on kflop jp4 or jp6
  299. Metric and rotational distances
  300. Problem I am using the 3 axis Homing... Z does not Jog, Input is bit 22?