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  1. Video First YouTube build video
  2. Steppers stalling
  3. Need Help! Thickness of aluminum plate for Z axis slide
  4. New machine, any suggestions?!
  5. Need Help! Round vs Square chinese spindle precision and noise level
  6. Looking for a better router spindle drive
  7. Newbie Need Help Please - Motors not turning but get hot
  8. 3040 Router plans/blueprints
  9. Need Help! Cnc Extra Cut Prolem
  10. Need Help! My machine starting messing up cuts out of the blue...help!
  11. New Machine Build Spindle Motor source
  12. 40mm finnish birch plywood CNC-router
  13. Need Help! Home shop CNC making noise
  14. newb question here
  15. CNC 3040 considerations and where to get the frame
  16. Calculating steps per inch - what's wrong with my math??
  17. New Machine Build New 1200 mm linear rails
  18. Newbie Which CNC Router to get for a beginner with a budget
  19. Radius router bit for roundover fillet?
  20. Small CNC router design
  21. First CNC build - ESS, Mach4, Ballscrews - velocity vs. feed rate + misc
  22. Bosch 1617EVS collet upgrade to ER20
  23. Need Help! Newby, buiding machine.... Help choosing spindle, use VFD or not?
  24. Need Help! Newby, buiding machine.... Help installing limit micro-switches
  25. Need Help! Spindle ER11 water cooled VS. ER16 air cooled
  26. Acceptable Runout for Hitachi Router
  27. help me to design steel frame for my 10' X 5' CNC router
  28. New Machine Build harmonic gearhead rotary axis build
  29. Steppers Stalling
  30. Need Help! I'm stuck as to what I use as a base to clamp the job in the machine?
  31. Need Help! step loss issues on new machine
  32. Newbie Hello to you all
  33. Newbie Would someone like to 'spec-out' a 2'x5' or 2'x6' CNC Router set-up for me to build?
  34. Newbie Need advice
  35. Need Help! Z axis still loosing steps?
  36. zeroing in on components
  37. Advent Calendar CNC Project
  38. New Machine Build Granite and steel gantry router
  39. Need Help! Design Plan Choices for a New CNC Build?
  40. Seeking Advice on Best Budget Friendly CNC Machine
  41. Small Composite Router Build 1000 X 600 X 300
  42. Making flat aluminum pieces
  43. Newbie 3.5 Spindle wire
  44. Ultra basic machine now running
  45. Some advices for my CNC router build = Appreciating!
  46. Newbie OpenBuilds Workbee VS Raw CNC 1.5 VS something else?
  47. I may have under sized my gantry beam.
  48. Joining extrusion together..
  49. Techniques for piping vac hold on moving table?
  50. New Machine Build 1900 x 600 Router concept
  51. Help me fill the list of CNC router manufacturers
  52. Need Help! Very rough surface finishing recently with c-beam build
  53. New Machine Build Changing X-axis envelope during machining, automatically. For machining long planks
  54. Newbie Software & Breakout board question
  55. cup probe
  56. Build Thread DIY CNC machine on the cheap!
  57. Need Help! Cnc machine trouble shooting
  58. Small Part Workflow
  59. Please rank the rigidity of these linear bearing options
  60. Need Help! is my gear rack is inaccurate? how to isolate
  61. New Machine Build Question about cabling
  62. My 1st Painted plaque !
  63. Need Help! positioning problems
  64. 3d touch probe testing questions
  65. Need Help! enclosure wiring questions 220v VFD + 110v DC power supply
  66. Problem Aligning, Squaring or Testing Squareness of a CNC Router Table Gantry/Spindle
  67. What should i purchase?
  68. Electrical Hookup Questons.
  69. My first take on a CNC router - Please Advise
  70. What are these connectors called?
  71. New Machine Build Advice solicited for synchronizing motion
  72. David A's New 2x3 Bench Top CNC
  73. Need Help! CNC Aluminum Extrusion Profile Help
  74. New machine and software solution
  75. Software to use with Bobscnc E4
  76. I need a custom jig or fixture for making cylinders.
  77. Gantry design?
  78. Spindle Recommendation
  79. z axis losing steps as I cut.
  80. cnc router problem
  81. Need Help! cnc router problem
  82. Nema 23 Mount with BK/BF12 Blocks
  83. Need Help! Putting M3 command in G Code starts router but stops movement
  84. A how to do this question...
  85. Linear Bearings & Rails
  86. My latest little project...
  87. What bit and setting do you use to mill aluminum?
  88. Need Help! ASK - CNC Size for Pen Plotter using NEMA 17
  89. What spindle are you using