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  1. Concept Design for a new 6-axis router - take your best shot!
  2. Newbie Plates, angle brackets, motor mounts: alternatives to Al and Wood?
  3. First Time DIY Build - Need Some Advice & Criti
  4. Source for stainless steel powder
  5. My working with aluminum workflow
  6. Advise needed
  7. Please help with machine chatter & movement
  8. Making some Aluminum Clamps
  9. Belt Driven Router for milling aluminum
  10. Spindle Wrenches for the Chinese spindles
  11. Need Help! File not loading.
  12. How to make sure your machine is zeroed perfect after power up every time
  13. The KReduCNC
  14. Need Help! Table Material
  15. Work piece positiioning question
  16. Need Help! Wiring of npn inductive proximity switches.
  17. Are T-slot tables necessary and is it worth paying more for steel?
  18. Need Help! Machine not cutting accurately
  19. New Build/First Time Build - BAM CNC
  20. Ballscrew Bearing Block - bearings inside - opening up
  21. New Machine Build First DIY Router design
  22. How to upgrade large (1500x2000mm) router from GT2 belt? Maybe 15mm HTD5 belt?
  23. Started a new series on DIN Rail
  24. Newbie My first time - it's frightening ;)
  25. Need Help! Trouble making smooth contours
  26. Rubber seals/dust guards for axis.
  27. New Machine Build 5ft x 10ft CNC Router Table Build with ATC spindle
  28. New Machine Build Z axis desig
  29. Newbie Is it at all possible to build a metalworking CNC router out of aluminum profiles.
  30. Need Help! Ball screw size
  31. New Machine Build Eichenberger Gewinde Speedy lead screws?
  32. Router repair questions...
  33. Preventing steel rusting on diy CNC router?
  34. Complete Newb - Help Please
  35. Mounting linear rails on aluminum t-slot extrusions?
  36. How to level machine rails
  37. New Machine Build wood cutting Spindle choices?
  38. cnc router control board
  39. Need Help! Want to build a 4000X2000 CNC Router. What are my choices?
  40. MASSO and the KRMx02
  41. Sizing of rails and motors
  42. Calibration problem
  43. Thoughts on buy a used Colombo spindle of unknown history?
  44. Need Help! z axis loosing steps
  45. Electronics suggestion for first CNC
  46. How to add a 5th axis driver to existing 4 axis machine?
  47. DIY 5 axis machine
  48. Need Help! Building a "smart" table saw?
  49. Need Help! New DIY Router Cutting Issues
  50. Acceptable accuracy
  51. Needing a coupler
  52. Confession Time - Sold my Soul for my CNC
  53. Need Help! New DIY CNC Arduino Nano+GRBL+UGS
  54. Need Help! Problem with oval holes
  55. First build - leadscrew selection and opinions
  56. New Machine Build Skateboard wheels fix to rotating shaft to push material along.
  57. Calibration vs milling
  58. Upgrade motors for 200lb gantry and spindle on diy build?
  59. Wiring problem
  60. wobbling problems
  61. Need Help! I need help making a replacement Y Axis Rail for my CNC Mogul router
  62. Need Help! Not getting any input from PC to CNC Router - UCCNC UC300ETH UB1
  63. New Machine Build looking to build / buy a 4x8 router
  64. Need Help! Z axis design query
  65. Need Help! Teaching CAD/CAM to the poor in The Philippines
  66. Ballscrew cleaning (while on the machine)
  67. New Machine Build Have an incomplete machine and need help with a build :)
  68. New Machine Build Lucidgroove's Solsylva based 24x48 CNC Router
  69. Newbie Where to start?
  70. Homemade CNC Router need help!
  71. Anyone using a Masso CNC controller? Thoughts
  72. New Machine Build Design input for newbie
  73. Feeback on cnc design
  74. Newbie New to DIY CNC. Do these parts make sense?
  75. New Machine Build Z-axis lead screw support bearing type?
  76. New Machine Build Recent DIY Manuals available?
  77. Need Help! SBR12 Linear Rails
  78. best method for interfacing linear square rail to 80/20 framing?
  79. Is self leveling epoxy a must?
  80. Newbie starting DIY table 4' x 8' and plan on a side rotary axis
  81. Ballscrew Accuracy
  82. How to build a 2 spindle diy CNC machine?
  83. Need Help! Help! Need to get both motors synced up on my dual axis Y direction
  84. Who is using DMM drives and servos on their router?
  85. Z axis idea
  86. wasteboard fixation over baseboard
  87. Measuring concentricity and flatness on diy CNC machine
  88. Covering our naughty bits and using lube
  89. Cutting 1" thick aluminum on CNC
  90. Spring loading a helical rack, Is it possible or is it a good idea
  91. RM2005 instead of 1605 ?? DFU or SFU ??
  92. Using set tool lengths with a router/collet setup
  93. Best diy z-axis designs?
  94. Need Help! My router went today on my old DIY table need advise
  95. Need Help! Adding New DPDT Switch
  96. Extruded Aluminum larger than 3"x6"?
  97. Need Help! Looking for actuated Vacuum Valves
  98. Need recommendation on new build
  99. Newbie CNC routers
  100. Wood Base Design Question / Poll
  101. Spit-balling stage of 48x48(ish) wood router
  102. CNC 4 Axis ''The Creator''
  103. new guy here
  104. Newbie Just a real newby
  105. How to improve my CNC machine
  106. engraving bits
  107. Newbie Rotating ball screw nut
  108. Mounting ISO 30 forks
  109. Super PID Problem / Need Advice
  110. soundproofed shed for cnc router
  111. 180-degree stepper lead screw coupling methods
  112. Building stands and putting CNC machines on wheels
  113. Limit Switch Question
  114. cnc knee mill and router
  115. I built a 4x8 CNC Router with a only one center X axis ballscrew
  116. Newbie Wanted guidance on DIY CNC machine for wood works/carving
  117. Best end mill for MDF profiling?
  118. one linear rair and one linear rod for x axis
  119. No axis movement
  120. Anyone from the zone from southern Ontario canada
  121. atc tool changer ..how too
  122. Usage of down cutter tools for part hold down?
  124. Leaving lip on pocket rabbet joints?
  125. Need Help! Depth of cut...how deep can you go...
  126. Quality of eBay aluminum T-slot tables?
  127. New Machine Build What do I need?
  128. Would you run vacuum collection in my case?
  129. 5 axis cnc machine
  130. Newbie New to DIY CNC
  131. MDF differences?
  132. My personal M3 CNC build
  133. newbie just built a very low budget CNC router looking for a bit of advice
  134. New Machine Build Design Feedback For 8020 Ballscrew and Linear Rail Design
  135. Problem Y Axis has a mind of it's own...
  136. CNC Construction Set
  137. Need Help! Broken bit from bad connection of alligator clip!..ugh
  138. Need Help! new to cnc need help
  139. How do you drill with high speed spindle.
  140. New Machine Build High precision linear slide cnc router
  141. Coroplast / Coroboard/ Corrugated Plastic...
  142. New Machine Build How the CNC community probably saved my life
  143. New to me machine
  144. Mach4+ESS or Acorn?
  145. Good Place to Order Timing Belts and Pulleys?
  146. Newbie Need help with design and screw pitch
  147. Proximity Sensor Wiring Issue? Help needed.
  148. Machining strategy for long, thin, plastic parts?
  149. Need Help! Tweakie-based 5-axis plans
  150. New Machine Build Aluminium profile CNC 1800x1200
  151. DIY Pen Plotter Project
  152. New Machine Build Large 3 Axis Machine for Milling Foam
  153. Need Help! Experience with eBay dust shoe
  154. Newbie Building two CNCs for hardwood/plywood and other one for metal
  155. Spindle cooling requirement, basics of calculation.
  156. Check out this ATC adapter for regular ER11 Chinese spindles...
  157. ISO30 Toolholders
  158. Newbie Identify the gantry
  159. Z height and thoughts on spacer boxes etc
  160. Need Help! Not getting finish actual part but on waste
  161. Furniture Grade Cable Chain
  162. New Machine Build CNC with aluminium body and aluminium profile bridge!
  163. Need Help! Found a CNC router in the basement
  164. what machine do i need?
  165. CNC Build Advice, Motors and motion parts
  166. Need Help! Almost Done and Hitting Snags
  167. Need Help! Onion Skin Aluminum...how much do you leave?
  168. Need Help! Acme lead screw Y-axis wobble - what to do?
  169. Vacuum Pump, Who uses them and What do you use?
  170. Design phase question -- Clearpath SDSK + Acorn
  171. How do I extend an axis and drill precise holes
  172. Need Help! MASSO and Z
  173. Problem Masso CNC Control Issues
  174. Need Help! Circle problems
  175. Importance of placing ball screw between the linear rails vs above?
  176. Suggestions on Y axis counter weight
  178. New Machine Build DIY finished 1200 x 800 CNC router build with @#%!%
  179. Homing switches and relays.
  180. Learning CNC - rails/carriages and frame design question
  181. Learning CNC - threaded rods and lead screws
  182. New Machine Build Load G-Code from thrumb drive
  183. Need Help! Stepper bolt interface tolerances
  184. Router Replacement Spoilboard - Metal Extrusion
  185. V-groove bearings on flat or 45 angled profile - bad idea?
  186. Help sourcing hard to find parts for diy CNC build
  187. Trying to pick a machine
  188. Newbie Using iron angle bar as rail
  189. Materials and stiffness/weight for a diy build
  190. Y axis: one motor + pulleys/belts vs one motor and undertable beam
  191. acme lead screw
  192. Problem Problem with lines when enraving acrylic - CNC router
  193. New Machine Build Mach3 intermittent arrow keys???
  194. Problem DIY CNC Mach3 aligned squares
  195. Will new tariffs affect our hobby?
  196. An adequate vacuum hold down table for a 4' by 8' CNC Router?
  197. Something A Tad Different CNC ROUTER BUILD
  198. Building or buying?
  199. cnc parts,DIY and repair costs
  200. Flat spots on 3" circles
  201. What do you think of this design?
  202. Pulse frequency over 100,000!!??
  203. Z2 Height Touch Plate w/o spindle wire
  204. Cnc router steel cutting
  205. Planning new machine
  206. how do you protect your cnc PC
  207. Need Help! I need opinion about this projects
  208. Viability of using a flex shaft on a CNC router
  209. 3D Touch Probe Design Suggestions
  210. Adjustable steel gantry pictures
  211. milling brass with a woodworking router
  212. Relay for VFD
  213. 8020, how to ensure squareness at joints?
  214. Finished 3-Axis CNC build, benchmarking advice?
  215. Build Thread Theorycraft +/ endgame project - cnc The Mischievious Brownie
  216. Converting a CNC boring machine to full 3-axis
  217. Mach 3 DIY machine loosing steps
  218. 4 axis wood router from old lathe?
  219. Best components?
  220. Problem What is the best way to verify accuracy of machine
  221. Side mounting methods for linear rail?
  222. Need Help! Z-axis dropping during relief
  223. Newbie Looking for feedback on a design
  224. Input on my DIY CNC design
  225. Newbie Is this a bad idea. Extended nut housing
  226. Newbie Looking at building a CNC - What will this machine not do?
  227. DIY table saw fence using sbr rails + bearings?
  228. Ballscrew question - user stupidity...
  229. Need Help! not cutting straight ideas?
  230. New Machine Build Newbie!! DIY DESIGN. Suggestions on the proper ball screw and motor size?
  231. Need Help! Need help with large format machine design
  232. Teknic IPC-5 Power Supply - Fan mounting
  233. Newbie Looking for advice on DIY CNC machine for Shoe Lasts
  234. Just wanted to show my machine
  235. Need Help! CNC router started breaking end mills after an accident.
  236. 5x10' CNC Router using DMM Servos running on UCCNC
  237. What guide or plan did you use to build your CNC router?
  238. Newbie Desktop CNC Machine
  239. Need Help! motor Nema
  240. Need Help! Storing and lifting 4' by 8' sheets onto machine?
  241. New Machine Build DIY Marble - Metal Machining 3 axis CNC Router
  242. What kind of file extension for image to be engraved into wood?
  243. New Machine Build Generic parametrised cnc machine design
  244. Newbie I need cable chains.
  245. New Machine Build Created a new CNC router design, some advice needed
  246. Where to buy ATC spindle
  247. New Machine Build Fixed Gantry Router with HSK-E25 ATC for under $25K
  248. router, mill or lathe for small decorative helical spindles?
  249. Need Help! Suggections for the right motor/ rack & pinion? New build and pictures!
  250. Getting rather confused
  251. New Machine Build Question re: Linear rail vs Supported rails
  252. What parts do I need for an ATC air system
  253. Build Thread Lab-volt Router Rebuild
  254. New Machine Build My second big 5 axis
  255. Problem limit switch issue after replacing BoB
  256. New Machine Build IMService 1/2 inch lead screws quality??
  257. Need Help! Closed Loop belt for Z-Axis Question
  258. Ebay Chinese spindle?
  259. New Machine Build 450x300 Aluminium extrusion build from scrap/used parts
  260. New Member and Recommendations.
  261. Newbie 5-axis CNC / laser build for cutting / welding aluminum + computer vision feedback
  262. 16mm or 20mm , DIY CNC 60cmx50cm
  263. Need Help! Double sided Vee roller guide (track)
  264. E-Stop buttons
  265. How do you register material on your machine
  266. PKM - exhaust tubing as rails?
  267. sbr20 linear rails mounted vertical vs. sideways?
  268. Lightweight Spindle
  269. Help dialing in precision
  270. My First CNC
  271. Resources for new DIY CNC router build
  272. Any idea of the cause of this fuzziness on my cut
  273. Just a little general information please
  274. Need Help with My Design
  275. Need feedback on new -18x22 wood router build
  276. work with what you got build
  277. 5 axis mpcnc
  278. Proper safety precautions for DIY MPCNC.
  279. New Machine Build CNC upgrade, looking for reference builds closer to what I want
  280. Welded steel frame router build
  281. Need Help! Optimal Z Axis Height
  282. 3 or 4 Axis machine?
  283. Converting Super shop to CNC
  284. Unwanted movments
  285. CNC Depot S30 ATC
  286. New Machine Build CNC Router - Bed Size 1300x2700 - Design Review
  287. Name that motor coupling.
  288. New Machine Build Looking for Spindle selection input
  289. Hertz spindles from Turkey
  290. Rebuilding an old desktop router
  291. Feeds and Speeds for wood
  292. Wrong cut
  294. Where to start for DIY home router ATC
  295. Planning new build - would like input
  296. Inertia Dynamics Brake
  297. New Machine Build Junkyard find CNC build
  298. Lengthening the K40 X-Axis linear guide rail
  299. Build Thread 2000 Router Master 52 Spacemaker electronics rebuild
  300. New Machine Build Design suggestions/feedback wanted