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  1. Help understanding tool change restart speeds?
  2. Need Help! How wire and connect this optical switch
  3. Current status of my machine
  4. USB to parallel adapter? Will that work?
  5. Question for Gerry (Re: PC690 bearings)
  6. Air cooling a water cooled spindle
  7. Newbie What is causing this?
  8. Raduised End Mills
  9. Linear Rail Support with Epoxy
  10. Question on gas spring cylinder
  11. Need Help! Bearings + Shafts
  12. Wiring keling KL34H280-55-4A
  13. k2 z-axis dxf
  14. My CNC 5'x8'
  15. Need Help! Need advice about slaving axis
  16. New Machine Build Breakout board / PCB
  17. Stainless Steel V Groove Bearings
  18. Need Help! CNC Controller & Drivers
  19. Installing linear rails on steel frame to 0.001" accuracy?
  20. Need Help! My parts are coming out the wrong size!
  21. Newbie Stepper motor questions
  22. New Machine Build Solsylva 25x25 Build
  23. Newbie Suggestions for small CNC - mobile gantry
  24. Newbie I just ordered an FLA 100 and need to select a router
  25. Salvaging Shop Fox Cam Clamps for T-tracks
  26. newbie needs advice!
  27. Newbie I made the plunge and finally started!
  28. Newbie Non-standard size steppers
  29. CNC milling machine plan
  30. Looking to make my own vacuum table....
  31. Fine Tuning Steps / Inch
  32. Help me find a router...
  33. Stepper driver selection
  34. Steel beam for x axis?
  35. Problem Need some help in electronic connectios
  36. Router Table Top
  37. Need Help! Strength of aluminium extrusion / profile (AME)
  38. Super easy way to program 2d cuts?
  39. Newbie tool change & tool control questions
  40. Does this spindle look used to you?
  41. Can Lego Mindstorms block run a "real" CNC?
  42. Linear Motion
  43. Overheating stepper advice please
  44. am I being ambitious?
  45. Need Help! maxium width of single leadscrew drive...
  46. Newbie Complete hobby build from SCRATCH, 3axis
  47. New Machine Build Steel Base 3 axis (phase 2: Construction)
  48. Making a slaved X Axis gantry perfectly square
  49. Plastic cover/caps for linear rail
  50. How do you mount your drivers and control board?
  51. Huanyang VFD with Matty's plugin
  52. acceleration?
  53. Servo Motor Suitability
  54. [Planning] Laser plotter, belts and rods.
  55. Newbie Kavo 4010 spindle - use it or buy other type/brand?
  56. Need help getting electronics going
  57. High accuracy, small CNC
  58. vacuum table relief valve
  59. Fine Line Automation
  60. Need Help! Tool Bit & Spindle Choice for Router
  61. Pendant Functions to have
  62. PCB Engraving Notes
  63. Sizing cable carriers?
  64. my diy
  65. My Dragon Cable Project (E-Chain)
  66. We need one of the best suckers around!
  67. Need Help! Which Keling Stepper with G540?
  68. Need Help! stepper questions
  69. Newbee and his new machine
  70. Fine Line FLA500 questions
  71. Build Thread Rob's 'Evolution' router
  72. Questions about aligining, squaring, paralleling, self-leveling epoxy
  73. Need Help! Purchase and shipping
  74. Need Help! creep, unidirectional backlash,not returning to zero
  75. Wireing EStop to G540 Writeup
  76. CNC from scratch, need help.
  77. Need help identifying connectors
  78. Need Help! Understanding the zero points software vs my solsylva.
  79. Stepper motor question
  80. Need Help! Leadscrew pitch is .1 max IPM??
  81. Preferred Stepper
  82. Sharing Open Source CNC Designs
  83. My EStop IN Action
  84. Need Help! Quick question on drive screws
  85. Next machine build - 4x4 Hybrid or CRP48x48?
  86. HELP!!
  87. Newbie Hi All, A new build on its way...but with problems!
  88. Holes and MDF
  89. Lumenlabs V3/M3 micro good model for a DIY build?
  90. Most Helpful Tools, Formula's and Reference Material
  91. Newbie Dremel 300 for CNC
  92. g540 with nema34 465oz-in
  93. Newbie Bat engraver
  94. Materials for new CNC machine
  95. DIY machine for fabricating electronics panels and enclosures anyone?
  96. Newbie Looking to build a small table-top CNC mill
  97. portable and lightweight fixed-gantry router - water filled tubes?
  98. Newbie Complete Newb: 4 axis feasable?
  99. Need Help! How to measure perpendicularity
  100. Need Help! Supported rail linear shafting....
  101. Build Thread RomanLini's "M60" precision plastics mill
  102. Solsylva Parts Help
  103. aluminum bits for wood??...
  104. Mach3 + G540 + limit switches = ??? (help?)
  105. Problem Carbide tool life in wood routing
  106. Need Help! Stepper motors stall, stutter with no load
  107. Filling the voids
  108. router design trade-offs
  109. Alternative to MDF for table tops
  110. Need Help! Blackfoot 4x8 Table Top Design?
  111. New Machine Build PCB mill Stepper & Controller choise
  112. New Machine Build Feedback on CNC for Wax
  113. Beall Pen Wizard
  114. thinking of building a CNC machine
  115. Possible Stepper Motor problem.
  116. Blackfoot CNC rigid enough for routing .1 6061-T6 and drilling .125 aluminum stock?
  117. FLA-100 Z-axis Acme Question
  118. Intel Atom for Computer. Which on to chose.
  119. Wind generator blades.
  120. Need 1/2in 10 tpi single start acme leadscrew
  121. Engraving Fonts for CNC
  122. Need Help! Help connecting an AC Relay.
  123. Need Help! FLA-100 router question
  124. what connectors - steppers, to drivers ?
  125. Losing z-axis zero really fast....
  126. servo voltage
  127. my new CNC router design
  128. USB/Ethernet Motor Control Advice & Thoughts
  129. Sigma stepper motor
  130. Sketchup Users please sound off
  131. adding tension and adjusting roller bearing rails?
  132. Trouble cutting circles with mach3
  133. best CAM software for my diy router?
  134. Vacuum tables for wood routers
  135. Power supply size
  136. Newbie Want to learn about building
  137. Newbie Need help designing 2' x 6' router for ski/snowboard construction
  138. Desktop mill photo updates
  139. Need Help! router choice
  140. Need Help! Correct wire gauge for 2.2kW spindle
  141. New Machine Build New Z&Y Axis design
  142. Need Help! Where to buy spindles?
  143. Best Machine for Under 2 Grand?
  144. Why there aren't many USB CNC boards?
  145. Need Help! Prepping CRS for paint...
  146. FineLineAutomation
  147. sorry.. stupid question
  148. Need Help! Best router choice?
  149. New Machine Build New build 8020 5 axis
  150. DXF/g-code files for trend T3 router mount
  151. diy cnc cutting jagged. Does anybody know why?
  152. Building CNC Plasma/Router - Help with steppers and controllers
  153. I watch lots of videos of cutting AL without coolant. Is it reallty necessary?
  154. New Machine Build My 8020 Build
  155. Noobie Router Mount Question
  156. Looking for really slinky dust collection hose
  157. Freedom Patriot router
  158. Has any used Raptor nails to hold down materials like in this video?
  159. Help... I'm losing my Z-axis zero slowly
  160. Just bought plans to build my new CNC - Now for steppers?
  161. Why are my cuts bigger on the bottom side?
  162. A video Of My Newly Rebuilt CNC Machine
  163. Need Help! CNC Router Parts breakout board Limit switches
  164. New Machine Build Which style to chose for next machine ?
  165. Need Help! Scripter Compile Error. in:M3. M1s
  166. Gecko G540 and SuperPid?
  167. Handpiece and shaft
  168. Build Thread Newb starting new build
  169. Need Help! Bosch 1HP Router
  170. Probe Wiring with Relay?.
  171. Deli's 24" x 48" CNC router table
  172. spindle motor option
  173. Gantry help
  174. Building a 5 axis machine?
  175. Make Router Perpendicular to work table?
  176. NEWB - Need advice on kit/plans for aluminum cutting
  177. Need Help! PC 690 Rebuild
  178. Need Help! TB6560 3 Axis 3A and Nema 23's I'm NEW to CNC.
  179. X - Y - Z axis Accuracy
  180. position error w/ mach3 and g540
  181. New Machine Build 600 by 400 Ally profile 3 axis machine
  182. My turn to show of. machine 2 pics
  183. Newbie Bought a used desktop machine...can't make it work! Help!
  184. New Driver for 3 axis hobby router - recommendation?
  185. How low can you go?
  186. Newbie Help on modifying Z Carriage
  187. Newbie FLA-100 Table with CNC spindle motor
  188. Not sure if these tapered roller bearings were really a good idea ....
  189. E-Stop Placement and computer console setups?
  190. Mint's Aluminum/Steel Build thread.
  191. Ger's favorite dust skirt strip brushes (mcmaster car)
  192. Newbie my first cnc machine
  193. Need Help! Duel gantry X axis drive set-up
  194. Dremel tool pulsing like a stroble light -- mach3 & g540
  195. New Machine Build Maytec extrusions...
  196. Need some clarification: single vs double pulse
  197. Need Help! Problem with X-Y perpendicularity...need help
  198. New Machine Build Solsylva 10x9 - First Build
  199. Not a build thread
  200. G540 'tripping'
  201. Build idea
  202. New Machine Build My 35 x 55 is finally in the works
  203. post deleted
  204. Crazy Idea - converting Air Cooled spindle to Water Cooled
  205. Why would a machine suddenly start losing steps?
  206. Newbie need help with rack & pinion
  207. Need Help! Dust shoe ideas or pics to fit K2cnc Zaxis and mount??
  208. The Green Machine
  209. Need Help! vinyl cutting head
  210. Best place to buy ball screws and linear bearings etc?
  211. Use of a Foredom handpiece as spindle
  212. What do you guys think I should do with this?
  213. New CNC build
  214. FLA-100 Squaring the carriages to the rail
  215. Need the Communities Input!
  216. Need Help! Recomendation for 'Basic' CAM program
  217. Router gantry thickness?
  218. Image CNC blog - http://www.dailycnc.eu
  219. Question about using 8020 extrusion
  220. Thomson Linear stuff for sale in classifieds
  221. X axis drive ideas and questions
  222. Chinese Spindle Stalling
  223. Newbie Vertical Bed CNC Router
  224. What size?
  225. proper axis orientation of CNC routers?
  226. Bench/Table/Base/Cart/Stand Design Help
  227. Can this be used for a 4th axis
  228. FLA-100 - 48 Power Supply Wire Gauge
  229. New FLA-100 Kit Build
  230. Need Help! Critique my 8020 design
  231. Newbie Rails placement for X-axis
  232. Upgrading to Larger CNC Router - Need Some Advice!
  233. Newbie Advice need for building a CNC router
  234. Problem Servo velocity control mode
  235. Advice for my new air pump?
  236. Z axis stalls with new ACME leadscrews, what are my options?
  237. ceramic tile ??
  238. Need advice on basic structure decisions.
  239. losing steps
  240. cncrouterparts High Z vs. Normal Z
  241. FLA -300 first movement - wiring help
  242. Designing first machine looking for suggestions
  243. Aerotech Rotary Axis
  244. Need Help! Ball Nut chirping. Last wishes or still some life left?
  245. Need Help! New to CNC, what parts to grease and with what type of grease? Wood machine.
  246. New Machine Build domo
  247. Router & drill on Z?
  248. Need Help! Proper collet sizing
  249. Need Help! X axis briefly going the wrong way ARG
  250. Quick Vision Test
  251. Regular ACME Lead Screws Vs Precision Screws?
  252. DIY CNC My Journey
  253. Newbie 2x6 meters CNC router?
  254. Running CNC in cold garage. Bad for steppers?
  255. Machining plastic please advise
  256. Black Friday RIDGID Trim Router With Free 1/4 in. Sheet Sander
  257. Need Help! Right Paltform (Machine) Different Use!
  258. Leadscrew lubrication/lube
  259. Need Help! Any Ideas on a High Precision DIY CNC Setup?
  260. Can someone draw me a picture?
  261. Heavy duty mid sized CNC design
  262. Question about 80/20 and Carriage Bolts
  263. Newbie Questions about DIY gantry designs
  264. Supported Shafts
  265. Want to build my first cnc please help
  266. Newbie Vacuum Table where to next.
  267. Need Help! TB6560 board and NEMA23 stepper motor
  268. Newbie New to CNC, looking for suggestions.
  269. New Machine Build eBay Chinese VFD spindle - Opinion ?
  270. New Machine Build My first CNC router build!
  271. Brace upgrade for KRMx01 CNC Builders
  272. Can someone look at this and tell me if it will work?
  273. Selecting a Spindle Router
  274. typical cutting force
  275. Stepper Motor Calculations
  276. Flat Ground vs. Cold Rolled Steel?
  277. Newbie Planning small 3 axis router table
  278. Solved Vinyl cutting
  279. First Build Started - 2750 x 1600 R&P
  280. Newbie Attempting Solsylva - Metric build- x1800 y 800 z 150
  281. What software to use?
  282. New Machine Build First CNC - Own Design - Potential Disaster?
  283. Help building first cnc (metric)
  284. Anyone ideas for plumming the router?
  285. Contribute to a CNC documentation project
  286. Looking for plans for small cnc for acrylic
  287. 2.2KW 220v Chinese spindle on 208v 3ph?
  288. Crane's NEXT next CNC... Little man syndrome
  289. New Machine Build Need help with choosing the power of the motor for my homemade cnc router?
  290. New Machine Build Planning to start building my machine next month
  291. New Machine Build cnc router build
  292. Need Help! Chinese Mini Mill
  293. New Machine Build Another 2x4 build
  294. New Machine Build Some Pict's of my new build
  295. Any you guys using turbocnc or am I out of date!
  296. Bosch router collect
  297. FLA-100 X-axis leadscrew alignment
  298. Mcmaster 1/2"-8 8 start leadscrew accuracy?
  299. New Machine Build First CNC router, for snowboard company
  300. Need Help! steel router plans